I’m Back

So, after a long break, completely unrelated to this site, I have returned with a few changes.  First of all I deleted all of the old posts.  Not the actual poems but rather everything else.  I was trying to do something other than what I wanted to and don’t have a good reason as to why so I got rid of them.  Second, name changes to the poems.  Eventually every single poem I post up here will lead from one to another, what can I say I love Ovid’s Metamorphosis, but I don’t wish to restrict myself to that at the moment.  All poems will be numbered in relation to the others I already have posted.  Once two sets of related poems connect the latter will have it’s numbers adjusted accordingly.  Lastly I am not going to deny myself the ability to edit or drastically rework anything I have posted.  I view Dr. Zeus as one long continuous work that I am simply putting up a piece at a time.  This being said, however, I am not going to remove the original posts if there are significant changes, I will simply repost an updated version.  For now that is all but you can expect a new poem later tonight.

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