Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto XXVIIII

Of my honour and glory
In this and every story,
Of the greatest gift ever bestowed
To one whom was justly owed,
Of how, unlike Apollo
My sincerity, it does not ring hollow,
Of how I wished to make right
With all of my Olympian might
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
For this tale, you see, was horribly twisted
She, in fact, was the one who insisted
And while truly, I did gladly oblige
I’m afraid that her, I let others deride
Though greatest of Gods, including my son
Never, I claimed to be a perfect one

Oh Me, Oh Myo, How I Love Dear Sweet Io

When Penus gathered his neighbouring streams
He seemed, to them, to be frayed at the seams

For Laurels Apollo now wore for a crown
And all were unsure whether to smile or frown

For all his high honours he’d lost his sweet daughter
But the gods in the sky, this seemed not to bother

For ’twas Apollo they viewed in the right
In regards to that dread fateful flight

But those spirits, those embodiments of nature old
They wished to cry foul – but none were so bold

So they sat in a cave, a humble retreat
All while Io and I did frequently meet

But Inachus, alone, could never stay mum
Not for Daphne, but for what was to come

For there’s but one, just one, who’d dare contest me
But one, just one, who’d not let it be

It was Hera, of course, who despised my affair
Not simply it but my whole lack of care

Thus ’twas only some time ‘fore we would be caught
And Hera had minions whom could never be bought

So one day, at last, when alone in a field
It ‘came clear that her pursuit – it never would yield

Thus I gathered some clouds, true to my name
Just so Hera and I could continue our game

And ‘neath the inky black, Io was hid
When, then, me, my wife did bid

But in her questions, she did not relent!
And ’twas not long ‘fore my excuses were spent

So ‘neath the cover I did make a change
And to any who knew her, Io’d look very strange

Her cream pale skin did remain the same
But now it was stretched o’er a dissimilar frame

For horns and four hooves, she now did have
And for this, indeed, I was so very glad

And dismissing the clouds that I had previously brought
“Caught by Hera no longer!” I pompously thought

But wifey dear was too clever by half
And asked, as a gift, for that milky white calf

And how could I deny such beautiful creature,
That is, unless, it had some hidden feature

So I gave in – I did readily yield
And Hera took her to her very own field

Hundred Eyed Argus she tasked to gaurd Io
Whilst on the tip of her lips there was the curl of a smile

But how could I leave her a beast imprisoned?
And, as if in answer, made a snap decision

The young messenger must deal with her guard
As shutting those eyes was truly quite hard

So with a simple, and yet, clever disguise
He sat hidden, in view, from those hundred eyes

And with a song so sweet, so slow,
Off to Sleep, Argus did go

Then with a little titter and a face full of glee
Giant Killer Hermes did hurriedly flee

For when next, of Argus, Hera did beck
She was greeted with just the stump of a neck

And though, from my wife, this freed Io a spell
Hera harried her cross land, and ocean as well

But at long last she’d reached the Nile
And she knew right then, she was at the end of her trial

For with no more strength was she now left
And of mercy, well, my wife is bereft

Through a cow’s muzzle she wailed – ready to die
But the situation, as it were, I could never let lie

So I pleaded with Hera – begged her dearly
My faults laid before her ever so clearly

I meandered, true, I could not sit still
I could not help it – I loved the thrill!

Always around her I would continually sneak
And no, ‘twas not ‘cause I was ever so meek

I had to admit that I found it all fun
Fucking ‘round her back, always on the run

So having set forth each and every transgression
I tried to escape complete and utter possession

And with my apology all over, my speech finally done
I swore to Styx – she need never fear this one

Now my wife must have known this was all she should get
And was content that there was now no reason fret

But it was no true sacrifice by which Io’s form returned
For no longer was there any love to be spurned

She had seen me act – just as I will
And seeing a gods work had made her heart chill

For we gods are gods and do as gods do
And her involvement in this had made a god new

As in this story my glory was now hers to wield
But this, the greatest of gifts? – No, that was further afield

It’s something that’s only twice happened to this day
That is getting the greatest of gods to say

mea culpa

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