Dr. Zeus – Book III – Canto I

Of the stupid mistake
That my son, he did make
Of he who sought, who chased the sun
How the son of my son, he did truly become
Of how in the end he caused nothing but pain
Though only because he couldn’t hold reign
Of his attempt to reach that godly station
Nearly destroying all of creation
-Oh, Halcyon muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
I sing this song to distract from me
With chains now cut – conscious set free
So shall I, as always, retain control
And once more Apollo’s errors extoll
So sit back, relax, enjoy!
As I tell the death of an arrogant boy

Burning the Earth Won’t Prove Your High Birth

The son of Clymene had a hard enough time
For the people accused him of a terrible crime

They didn’t believe Apollo his father
But mum wouldn’t lie, they ought to laud her

For caught him, she had, with her sunburnt beauty
‘Twas that, he said, for which he took on more duty

But let us now examine this case
And see if my son lied right to her face

For he said he wished to see her again
And well, he, himself, could never restrain

And thus resolved he chased the sun
As above her, he, each day, would come

But plan as he did, with all of his might
He could see no way to truly be light

“Hellios may be one who can’t be removed
But perhaps,” he thought, “He can be slightly improved”

A bridle he made, of ruby and gold
One with which to reality fold

In the palace, and around the neck
He’d place it on Helios, while he slept

So in the middle of the night he approached his bed
And the Moirai, a tug, he gave to their thread

In the sheets there was not one but two!
And a mind thus split – can’t figure what do

Helios, though, had to yet fill his trouble
Where each mouth had been there instead was a muzzle

Into horses of fire yellow and red
Apollo did make him since he can’t be made dead

So he claimed, before the gods most great
“I am sun and day onward from this very date”

He said “‘twas for Clymene”, but I’m sure you do know
His love of power is what made his grasp grow

For control, his desire, it knows no true end
And for it, no moral, will he not bend

Snatching at all that he possibly can,
He seems less of a god and more of a man

But still he thought his cause to be worthy
So on Clymene he pushed, in a relative hurry

But she, he soon then forgot
As he dove right into another dumb plot

But he, she could not forget
As they did, together, a child beget

And sadly they joined in mutual delusion
With truth no more than an unwelcome intrusion

For Apollo wished to think himself just
And Clymene need be more than an object of lust

So while Apollo, indeed, had lied right to her face
Of it, herself, she could find not a trace

Such words, though, to have come from Apollo
It’s no wonder they seemed hard to swallow

And while Phaeton did his mother trust
Confirmation from father – it was simply a must

So without pomp or ceremony, as he was quite disliked
To that glittering palace in India he decided hiked

And arriving awestruck at its glory resplendent
He hoped more than before to be a descendant

Rising the stairs on that ascending climb
He entered the palace, sparkling, of time

And while Apollo did on the emerald throne sit
Of the glory on show his was only a bit

For ‘round sat Month, Day, and Year
Clothed in fabric, ever so clear

As time, whilst it swiftly flies
Produces no image before the eyes

And too were there three of the seasons
But Winter was missing, for very good reasons

Clothed in furs from foot up to hand
She lay her gifts bare across the land

But ivy robed Spring was still there
As well as Summer, naked and fare

But wheat wrapped Fall sat alone and dour
For had recently passed, her very own hour

There were others about, family all
With a disquieting feeling, Phaeton felt small

And seeing the stranger enter the door
Apollo boomed, “Who dare sully my floor?”

“You’re son by Clymene” he did quietly speak
Feeling, all through, embarrassed and meek

My son’s face, at first, was entirely blank
But from the well of remembrance he rapidly drank

“The son of my love,” he decided to feign
“Oh how you’ve grown, I’ve missed it, I’m pained

“But to spread the light, it’s such a chore
You understand well, of this I’m sure.”

Upon hearing, Phaeton’s face did smile
As he joined his family, in rite of denial

“Heavenly father, I do understand
But your kinship is doubted by all of the land”

“Petulant child don’t be absurd”
He bellowed with anger, “you deny my word?”

Scared, recoiling, tears on his face
Phaeton tried still to establish his place

“Father I do not doubt you one bit,
But my fellows, they’re all throwing a fit

“They say it’s impossible, that you couldn’t be caring
That love with my mother you wouldn’t be sharing”

These accusations made Apollo incensed
“Surely you spoke my defence”

“My father I truly had tried
But I couldn’t convince that I hadn’t lied

“But I knew that they must be wrong
Which is why I made this journey so long”

Backed in a corner my son understood
He must acquiesce if he wished to look good

“I swear by Styx that I’ll do what you need,
So from such judgement we all will be freed”

Behind Phaeton’s eyes this lit a fire
And too ignited his funeral pyre

“I need you’re chariot to take for a spin,
A day cross Sky and their hearts I will win”

As Apollo knows Fate, he put up token resistance
But for him ‘twas best to accept his insistence

For though it would cause a great lot of trouble
His honour, he felt, he could pull from the rubble

And in order to see this scheme to the end
Once more a moral he did readily bend

So quickly he set his son to his task
Before he choose a different favour to ask

He set him behind the horses Helios
And then began the rites mysterious

Blinders he placed so they could not see where they trod
As vengeful hooves could crush even a god

Reigns to ensure that they were running on time
And a whip, as well so he could keep them in line

Last a crown of sunbeams he placed ‘pon his head
For light without beauty, may well as be dead

Anointing complete he went on his way
For now, for ‘while, Phaeton’d be day

But this deal, Apollo knew, it couldn’t last
As the horses, his son, could never hold fast

Thus soon, the chariot, he could no longer steer
And there was nowhere where one could keep clear

For first to the heavens he immediately rode
Which for any mortal is wholly forbode

And then having great fear of seeing the ground
The heavens, he opted, to looked all around

Scorpio, Taurus, and all of the rest
Took form from the stars and were looking the best

For out of man’s realm they took their true shape
And such majesty I can hardly relate

But too they do feel the heat
And so all made a hasty retreat

But soon he did dive down below
As his fear, it continued to grow

For he was now surrounded fully by man
And for such destruction he had not a plan

But still crops and cities did burn
A lesson, though, he never would learn

For all those ravaged below and above
Cried out both, for my power and love

They wished for me to set it all right
And destroy this forsaken day’s light

But first I thought to approach my son
Hoping his prideful ways were done

“You and yours began this horrible mess
A punishment you need, I think I’ll confess

“I’ll not strike him down”  I then declared
You take his life so the rest’ll be spared”

But not a single objection did then my son say
Gathering my bolts from where they did lay

And before I gave even one instruction
Upon his son he did reign destruction

And a burnt corpse soon fell to the ground
A thud resounding – a terrible sound

But he was not sad, rather happy instead
Glad that his son had now been made dead

I realized then what Apollo was now
Any he’d furrow beneath his plow

Yet to himself he could still not admit
And his attempts at honour he wouldn’t submit

So this one time I gave him advice
Hoping the mistake he wouldn’t make twice

“Be wary of surrendering to lust of power,
For your current course, it surely will sour

“Present yourself just as you are
To do elsewise is your image to mar”

But alas! towards me this tale it does turn
And there are horrors of others that we’ve still yet to learn

So as Apollo had been born to a set of twins
Let us examine next one of her sins

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