Dr. Zeus – Book III – Canto II

Of my fearsome daughter
How she loves the slaughter
Of an unfortunate man
For whom trespass, ‘twas not the plan
Of one tiny insult
And its surprising result
Of punishment ironic
Making our stories, so very iconic
-Oh, Halcyon muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
I sing this song to distract from me
With chains now cut – conscious set free
For ‘tis not only I who’ll act so rash
Some lay down judgment in an immediate flash
So I’ll show you what some gods’ll do
Assuming all they think is true

To Inspire Great Fear Just Make a Man Deer

Actaeon was out hunting with hounds
With countrymen too – love it surrounds

Moving through the shadowed wood
Who owns this place was well understood

For master is Artemis of all the places
Where do live the bestial races

With a quick prayer said and generous libation
They knew where they went, into what situation

As do all the entrappers of beasts
Searching for meat to feed their great feasts

But despite that here, they did not rule
Still they cut loose and acted the fool

While their manner and mode ’twas all jocularity
Their respect for the forest, it brimmed with sincerity

So when the dogs layed ears, and their feet did stop
With care, through the brush, his party did stalk

Between the leaves they saw a grand boar
A massive success, they thought they’d managed to score

But as Actaeon took a spear off his back
Beneath his foot, a twig, it did crack

The beast, looking up, ran at a start
Causing the spear to not pierce its heart

Retrieving his weapon he noticed some blood
Red against black as it mixed then with mud

But the hounds he did not send ahead
As the boar was massive and he did not wish them dead

The sanguine trail, it ran thick and clear
Thus dying or dead, the beast, it lay near

All in all it was easy to track
And soon they did find it, a gouge down its back

Their prize all were ready to take
When on the air they then smelt a lake

But quite well, they did all know this land
So none of them did this understand

Thus, for now, they left it behind
As new water they were hoping to find

The plants they grew exotic and strange
Their world, the fauna, it seemed to derange

Exploring on, awestruck in wonder
Into trouble Actaeon did blunder

A spring in a clearing just then appeared
Artemis was there, and she ought to be feared

Attended by nymphs she was naked and fare
And to see such a site -Oh!- how could he dare?

Wroth with anger she decided to act
And from here, well, there’d be no turning back

His every limb grew to be thin and long
Though, however spindly, they were massively strong

From the crown of his head antlers did sprout
What he was becoming – there couldn’t be doubt

Swift, immediate! he then turned to flee
‘Twas the start of his sentence for what he did see

But something new, as he ran, was now understood
What was meant as a punishment was actually quite good

The thrill of running in that holiest place
-Oh!- how it made his heart race

The muscles that twitch, ‘neath his own pelt
‘Twas the greatest thing that he ever had felt

But he hadn’t noticed that he’d been alone
No one else had seen how she shone

Into that spring his friends did not go
That he was a deer – how could they know?

All they saw was a heavenly stag
The kill of which would be something to brag

So upon him the dogs were then set
Which was cause to do a lot more than fret

All his excitement then turned to fear
For his hooves, their teeth, began grown near

Through the woods, however, he could leap and bound
Making near to nary a sound

He began to outpace, but ‘twas much too late
For as my son knows Future my daughter knows Fate

For while this flight made of freedom delusion
A spear in his ribs made an unwelcome intrusion

At which point he meet their gleaming white jaws
As the injury had caused him to pause

The dogs, possessed, would heed no command
And the pain, for Actaeon, ‘twas too much to stand

His eyes rolled mad within his own head
And instead of air he breathed froth instead

And so the hunters still had their pig for their feast
But wholly consumed was Actaeon by beast

Those twins, they’re so clearly a pair
Though only Artemis truly does scare

For while he will sacrifice all to further his cause
She does so for her personal laws

But on her I can not lay much blame
Considering the source of much of my fame

While many others did her actions condem
It was so the light would not be placed upon them

So their intent let us ruin instead
And examine why Winter’s months are always now dead

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