Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto I

Of a different view
From the one that we knew
Of a family scorned
Not having been warned
Of waiting and needing to hope
Still wishing, though, not to elope
Of Freedom gained and Freedom lost
Sought and caught no matter the cost
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
With these heroes, now, I completely done
These singular men, who mind only one
Those who others, simply discard
As though an ostracon, a useless shard
So let’s not give them the time of day
And look instead how she made her way

Ariadne Need Be Freed With Great Speed

There was a young girl who led a young life
With all her brothers, her father, his wife

They together were the royals of Crete
And that Kingdom – it’s a holy seat

‘Cross every sea they then did rule
Athens, even, was a broken mule

None were able to rival their power
That is until the Attican hour

For Minos had worked hard for that glorious favour
His devotion to Poseidon – it never did waver

Hoping to keep the keys to the seas
He did whatever my brother did please

“What will sate you?” he asked  “Make you full?”
In response the Earthshaker sent a milky white bull

Like dear sis it ‘rose from the foam
Showing the seas were it’s truest true home

But power mad Minos thought that he was the best
And, ignoring the rest, brother’s limits did test

He kept it alive and with great and grand skill
Took it to stable, made it calm, made it still

For he thought himself the true master of Ocean
Thought that he could control its every motion

But Poseidon, such insolence, he could not stand
And thus, retribution he craftily planned

‘Gainst the royals he’d turn the insult
Causing an amazingly dreadful result

For to ruin King Minos had run
And for none in Crete would it be any fun

For to make Minos’ sorrow truly resound
He would have to destroy all those around

And when others are hurt, well, we gods do not care
Even when ‘tis for none involved fair

And so with a lust he struck Pasiphae
To carnally be with the bull of the sea

But to ruin his wife – ‘twas not enough
The whole houses’ honour he felt he must snuff

And so from that union unholy, profane
Arose a child which none could explain

A bull with the body of man
No denial, no cause could he plan

A grotesque proof of what she had done
A grotesque creature that must be called son

For this damned situation he spoke against Truth
But for all who saw him, the Minotaur ‘twas proof

And so he was hidden away in a labyrinth great
So none could see the shame of the state

But the one whom I have yet to mention
None the less demands our attention

For unlike both of her human brothers
She was unique – there were simply no others

Ariadne – a must unfortunate daughter
Lamenting her position – what Fate had then brought her

For after her mother’s dreadful disgrace
She was no longer ’lowed to show her own face

So while her prison was not labyrinthine
Still she was subject to her father’s designs

But one day this all would change
When a man arrived, a man most strange

For her father had put her brother to use
And found help in his violent abuse

In intervals of years, set in nine
New food would Asterios find

For maids seven in number and the same ‘gain of men
Athens to Minos did repeatedly send

All this simply to show supplication
And none too happy, they were, with this situation

Thus the prince himself sought to address
The undue cost set for redress

So he thought to plot to kill their enemy’s son
In hope that the tribute might be undone

Thus he went as one sacrifice
Knowing full well Failure’s high price

But his royal nature he could not disguise
So of his stature they were rightly apprised

Thus one more, Minos plotted and schemed
As this opportunity, greatly it gleamed

Even in the end, if his son somehow lost
What he would gain – ‘twould be well worth the cost

As from that maze none did escape
Thusly he’d seal Attica’s fate

So cross his face there then spread a smile
As chances like these come just once in a while

But Ariadne had a similar thought
And crafted a plan though which freedom’d be bought

As prince and prisoner he was in tandem
Thus honour, still, they just had to hand him

They ate a feast great – they’d soon had their fill
But away she was kept – they stifled her will!

But that captive daughter had an amazing wit
And from her guards, she knew how to split

So in the night, both quiet and calm
She anointed herself with a cool scented balm

‘Neath her skirt her legs were shapely and long
Oh! I could give each their own song

Her blouse, barely, it covered her breast
And left exposed was all the rest

And so clothed, so armed for seduction
She began her great grand production

So knowing the way through every hill
She enter his room, climbing the sill

With his mouth agape and face flushed red
He opened the way and led her to bed

But as her goal was to not let him fail
This ship she would not let set sail

“My prince,” she said “your plan’s not thought through”
And these words being loosed his dark fury grew

“Poseidon,” he declared “himself is my father!
“You’re a just harlot and thus shouldn’t bother

“I have no power in this dreadful place
But still can I strike you straight ‘cross the face!”

At first her response was simply to grin
For ‘gainst such a child she only could win

“Oh ‘greatest’ prince, do you not see
I’m a royal, I’m Ariadne

“And whether I relate you should not berate
As in none of your plans do you escape your own fate

You may have the sword, and may have the strength
But I have to wonder, do you have the right length”

Her time to retreat had long since passed
So a sultry look she then at him cast

“My brother,” she said “is kept in a maze
A maze that puts all men in a daze

“But you my sweet you don’t have to pout
I can provide you with a certain way out”

And so she produced from behind her back
A ball of wool, one of darkest black

Save for a single thread on the end
Together, all, the ball it did blend

“This yarn is a most special kind
Together the women of my family it binds

“From one to the next it’s always been passed
Never it ends – forever it lasts

“At the entrance, it, you shall start to unravel
So backwards afterwards you can easily travel

“And in return when your mission’s done
All that I wish is with you to come.”

With her peace now having been said
She turned – left him alone in his bed

And when Dawn awoke her early tomorrow
She hoped, finally, to escape her own sorrow

So having slipped free from her guardsmen once more
She waited beside the labyrinth’s door

For her rosy fingers caressing the land
Said her brother’s feeding, it now was at hand

And as from outside the entrance was locked
There was no need to guard – it was inherently blocked

So she waited until a noise was heard
A curse twice said – then again – a third!

Those trapped inside she then did set free
Asking “You think I’d risk you abandoning me?”

So swollen with anger he grabbed at her wrist
And set off at a pace, rapid and brisk

Although they were free to the dock they did flee
For Minos’ reaction they did not wish to see

So once all packed into the hull of the ship
From the harbour they then did quietly slip

Only once safe ‘pon the great river ocean
Did die down the ship’s hectic commotion

And as she had twice saved his life
Theseus asked her to come home as wife

But having just escaped a familial prison
Immediate she knew what’d be her decision

His reaction to her answer, she did readily dread
And so lying, she gave a “yes” instead

This seemed to fill him over with joy
A joy that she did not wish to destroy

So at Naxos they stopped for a feast
Hunting only the most savage of beast

When the night did end and spirits did still
Theseus’ will was a desire to fill

Eros had planted a thought in his head
As the two’d be wed the two should share bed

To this however she did not object
“A fuck could be fun” she did then reflect

So together, alone, they then spent the night
Engaging in a different fight

And after a few rounds, energy spent
They surrendered to Sleep – no more lust could they vent

But when Helios kissed her and opened her eyes
She discovered a vast and horrid surprise

Not only was there no man by her side
Nowhere, the ship, did she spy with her eyes

Alone on the isle had she been left
And of happiness she was wholly bereft

For while true, she’d not intended to marry
‘Twas no reason, of her word, to be wary

This could only be the work of Spite
His unjustifiable despisable flight

Alas – I’m afraid – I’m unable to help
For to one yet born this fate has been dealt

So left on the isle where Theseus lied
Free from father and lover, alone, she cried

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