Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto II

Of a corrupted mind
Which hath with poison entwined
Of pots that boil and bubble
Causing all manner of trouble
Of the mistress of roads
And her countenance cold
Of true evil’s infection
Spreading in time, in all directions
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
Her tail, you see, always gets worse
With every telling, with every verse
Thus Melpomene you too are affected
Not even we gods are fully protected
But her start we’ll examine so now we shall see
The way in which she lost humanity

Medea’s What Comes to the Argonaut’s Sons

Theseus, that rat, was sailing back home
To Athens, from which, Medea, he’d thrown

But his actions, this time, could well be thought just
For into intrigue he’d been suddenly thrust

For Medea’d married his father, the king
As great power, it would, to her progeny, bring

So many years later when Theseus showed up
‘Twas poison which she gave him to sup

As the first born son having returned
Her son’s future would surely be spurned

For she yet still for her family cared
Her judgement was not quite fully impaired

The king didn’t speak – he went along with this plan
He trusted his wife, he knew naught of this man

But out the corner of his most watchful eye
His own sword and sandals Aegeus did spy

He then stopped his son – he then saved his life
And then with him he cast out his wife

But ‘twas not the first she’d felt this insult
Though the other had had a dreadful result

Her marriage before had a similar end
With outcomes which no one could mend

For Jason had become an arrogant jerk
And in his heart disloyalty lurked

He was done with her – he’d left for another
And such actions did hatred uncover

All of her past she’d plane lain to rest
She had no place – to no home could she quest

So with hate in her heart and her mind on revenge
All joy that she gave she’d now from him rend

Thus with before her, items arcane
Plans, she made, to give Jason pain

A malodorous mixture she made most foul
Cat’s eye ‘twas part as well as bull’s bowel

Directly to Hekate now she did speak
She had to be strong, she mustn’t be weak

So fallen to knees, arms raised to the sky
To her goddess did she with great passion cry

“Oh Hekate of magic, and moon
Please won’t you grant me your mightiest boon?

“My husband, you see, has lost all his faith
And I seek well to put him in place

“Our children and I he chose to abandon
No longer at all, can even I stand him

“His glory, you see, ‘twas never his own
Yet still he thought to remove us from home

“After all that I’ve done, all it for him
Let’s see if he can on his own swim

“No, I think, no he can not
Left to himself he can not even plot

“I doubt that he’ll gain any more glory
Or that he’ll sire fabulous stories

“And so Hekate you goddess so great
To you I implore – to you I relate

“Do what you will, do what you must
Do you you can to punish his lust

“Upon your alter I do myself lie
Take what you will, at no cost I’ll cry

“So this prayer I close as your most loyal witch
Show him what happens when you mess with a bitch”

Such a plight there was but one hope to fix
One which allowed Hekate her tricks

For she, you see, was tired of evil
And wished her’s banished beyond all retrieval

Devout was Medea, a worth successor
Thus with that essence Hekate did dress her

‘Cause for Medea to act with true disregard
She’d need a god’s heart, calloused and hard

So this then, ‘tis when, it truly did start
In all acts pernicious this played a large part

For we gods do not travel in line
She was of us now so she now followed in kind

All her hate, both the new and the old
Forward and back, from here did unfold

But now is when it expressed itself best
When, her children, she laid them to rest

Two, she approached, under Night’s woven cloak
Not a word was spoke – not a one awoke

For Tisander she brought out a knife
And with a slash of the neck she bled out his life

For Alcimenes alchemy’d do
But with him now poisoned she still wasn’t through

Still lingered the lover – Jason’s affection
But nothing would save her, no royal protection

For venomous vestments, a gown and a crown
Medea had made to bring that slut down

And using Mermeros and Pheres’s men
She sent them to Glauce – no mistaking her then

And death now donned, not alone, she fell
For Creon felt her spell as well

His daughter was dying – he knew not the harm
He just wished to hold her, once more, in his arms

Thus the people of Corinth were whipped into fervour
And ‘pon their minds did dwell brutal murder

Pheres and Mermeros they thought had betrayed
So in agora both were hanged and then flayed

And knowing that from polis she’d soon need to fly
She sought help from her kin in the sky

Her grandad, Helios, would normally not help
For she’d killed her king, that damn little welp

But no longer was she human in truth
She was Witch – Black Magic – her actions are proof

Hence a set, separate, of rules did apply
He could choose to help – at least, he could try

So he sent her two dragons, made of fire and light
And they took her away, she had no wish to fight

So cross the sky from Jason she flew
Thanks to Hekate and that mighty brew

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