Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto III

Of a man set apart
With a glorious heart
Of an achievement great
To almost elude Fate!
Of Dis’s deal
So good it’s unreal
Of two hearts now set stone
Destined always to be all alone
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
Our plots may be mostly the same
But I do, now, not the husband blame
He was not bad, he did no ill
But tragedy did strike them still
So in Tartarus low were we soon shall be
We’ll see those spirits which flit and flee

What Horrors Eurydice Sees

So after wholly destroying her home
‘Cross all of Greece Medea did roam

Ah! how the men of the Argo spread in their wake
Broken lives – the price of mistake

And not just Jason to women brings sorrow
They all do it, today or tomorrow

But, no, there’s one who in all of his life
Did not himself bring harm to his wife

Only once did he even come close
And even then ‘twas with the greatest remorse

For at this time past Pain she dwelt
Where there’s no joy nor hope to be felt

Formless and faceless in the hoi poloi
She had no self left to destroy

For within my brother’s dreaded domain
Though not his wish, there only is pain

In tattered clothes she moved all around
Wailing her only occasional sound

‘Tis true, there’re few who their selves can keep
But do they all in Death’s palace sleep

And only some can with my brother break bread
So she’s not one of the house of the dead

Thus all of them there, every hero
Are treated as though their songs numbered zero

Heraclese even, ‘least that which is man
Had no thought to plot of craftily plan

Thus poor lonesome Eurydice
What hope have you to escape, to flee

Ah! but her husband whom I’ve mentioned before
He came down and spoke at Death’s door

“Oh dread Dis!” he loudly exclaimed
“I have come for your favour” he proudly proclaimed

“I’m afraid you’ve taken what does not belong
You’ve taken my heart, my soul, my song

“All alone my mind can not rest
This injustice, it must be addressed!

“Some say that you have no love for love
That you lost it all when you came from above

“That being Death, the weight is too great
That a godly heart still surely must break

“But I, I myself, I do know true
That for this only you will do

“One brother has the sky, the other the sea
But you Death can free Eurydice”

As from his mouth these words did fly
The obsidian door before – it did groan and cry

Past the threshold my brother then stepped
Out from where monsters and horrors slept

Though fully enshrouded in the gown of the Night
Nothing was there to contain his dread might

Over the bard he towered, he loomed
To any watching he must’ve seemed doomed

But he just stood there, silent and still
Perhaps his intention wasn’t to kill

At first his purpose, well, it was surely unclear
But then you Eurydice, you did draw near

For for you the dread king had beckoned
For for you was a purpose that none could have reckoned

But you did not Orpheus approach
And out the Night Dis then pulled a broach

Onyx black, in the dark it glowed
‘Twas the great gift to be ever bestowed

Orpheus was unsure as to what he should do
But then, from the robes, a voice did come through

Though ‘twas not one of dust, must, and rust
Rather one sweet, one kind, one you could trust

“Dear poet, only can I guess at how you now feel
But all must be ground ‘neath Fate’s violent wheel

Your pain and hurt, it is at points felt by all
It’s not just your wife who down here does fall

But I offer not malice, I offer not spite
Instead I offer a chance at respite

You can return her to life, ‘least for a while
But it shan’t be a simple nor singular trial

You need not only lead her out of my own domain
But to some others you will have to explain

The five rivers, past which, you will have to move
They must each your mission approve

And once I fasten this broach of onyx black
She will follow, but you mustn’t look back

For ‘pon my world you do now encroach
And Death is, in truth, beyond all reproach”

For once stuck dumb to bard simply nodded
Still unsure as to Fate had now plotted

So from his love he then turned away
For here he did not wish her to stay

“You may go now, it’s fastened it’s done,
But remember not to look ‘til she’s been seen by the sun”

Thus off he set to finish his quest
Until he was done there’d be no more rest

Death had spoken and Death he must trust
There was no other option, he had to, he must

So assuming that my brother spoke true
Hades, he then resolved to lead her through

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