Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto IIII

Of what’s yet to unfold
Though it’s now being told
Of another set test
Where he has to impress
Of the way which he does
Telling tales of what not yet was
Of two who fell apart
For falling for the very same heart
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For you version I simply haven’t the time
With Orpheus still I’m not through
And now I know, with him, what I should do
So shall he sing his very next tale?
Hoping ‘gainst fate soon to prevail
Let’s open his mouth so the words can flow
And hear what’s to be of Narcissus and Echo

Words Beget to Forget

By dread Death’s door Lethe does wind
So for the first of his tests, he knew what he’d find

As past each of the five he had made his way down
Seeking he who wore the heaviest crown

For entrance is easy into Dis’s domain
It’s an exit which is hard to explain

So then he knew in which order he’d face
Those who’d keep his love in that place

Oblivion, Forgetfulness – oh how could he sooth?
The pain not remembered – oh how could he move?

Ah! but then, by an idea he was struck
He knew what to do, it would seem he’s in luck

So sure in stride he set for’ to speak
His case to Lethe, that underworld creek

Cross her surface the goddess did stride
Showing no hint of her feelings inside

In front her a cliff it did mightily loom
But no though had she for her eventual doom

So seeing that now he had little time
He approached her singing with that voice so sublime

“Oh! you mistress of those who forget
Those seeking to end both pain, and regret

“Your appearance, your dress, none can describe
For Memory’s needed to details ascribe

“I need your permission, I need your ascent
So my love’s and mine hearts are no longer rent

“A story perhaps to truly show true
Aphrodite’s effect, the pain she can do

“An unfortunate pair will soon ‘pon you call
And you shall aid them in their eventual fall

“But, wait – back up – let us start the start
And examine what caused this to all fall apart

“Sweet Echo herself was a loquacious lass
She’d not wait her turn, she always was crass

“And while some found her cute and endearing
Others just wished she would stop interfering

“But her long running mouth did find a good use
When Zeus for his wife could find no excuse

“Rambling and wandering she told Hera a tale
So that she would in her quest fail

“For her family now Hera did chase
Trying to see every face

“As down the mountain they then all did run
From where with Zeus they’d had their great fun

“But Hera was wise and trickery despised
And thus made Echo’s each word reprise

“”You,” she said, “may be protecting your kin
But still they’re his lovers, so your actions are sin

“”As you babble on in a manner inane
Never you ever speak both clear and plane

“”So no more will your thoughts fly free
A just punishment for you crossing me

“”You will only repeat what others do say
Always and forever this way you will stay”

“So now alone Echo hides in the woods
For by others she’s not understood

“But one day soon a man she will spy
One of such beauty to make her heart fly

“Narcissus, that boy, he’ll be taking a walk
Sick of the people who round him do flock

“Subtle and shy, she’ll follow him sly
Unable to let out a shout sigh or cry

“But as him she alone does stalk
To himself he then start start to talk

“” Alas peace only comes when I’m all on my own
All those around seem simply to drone”

“But from the brush he’ll have heard the same words
And know there are more than the beast and the birds

“”Who’s there?” next they will ask
“Reveal yourself, discard secrecy’s mask”

“But still no visage then will be shown
“Come out,” they’ll say “to me you should be known”

“So overjoyed Echo will be
The proof of the truth too late she will see

“Out she’ll jump from where she was hid
Thinking ‘twas what he of her bid

“But to him she’ll be just one more who’ll fawn
To be alone he’ll wish, he’ll just want her gone

“”Leave me be!” he’ll yell and she will repeat
And crying she’ll run on feet oh so fleet

“Feeling that for something she needs to atone
Heart broken sweet Echo will be all alone

“And for himself Narcissus will wish exactly the same
After all I recall ‘tis why to the forest he came

“But he’ll come ‘pon a pond of water so still
And the face that looks back will his heart fill

“For before himself he did not clearly see
His physical nature, why they wished with him to be

“But ‘pon them both then you will visit
And it won’t be good, hells when is it?

“For they themselves they soon will forget
Echo will echo – a sole sound beget

“Narcissus’s end will be a little less sour
As lost in his face, he’ll be happy a flower

“So from forgetfulness to oblivion those two will go
I hope you now see what I was trying to show

“Understanding, true love, they’re so hard to find
Now that I’ve lost them, I long for their bind

“With every minute that we are apart apart
No matter my strength it hardens my heart

“So I beg your ascent, least for a while
Let good Fortune, please, ‘pon both us smile”

But no response did Orpheus get
No good, no bad, no answer yet

So along the bank, Lethe, he followed
‘Til by the falls the goddess was swallowed

From forgetfulness to oblivion she now how had changed
As on the rocks below she hath herself brained

Once her corpse has the whole river run
She’d appear at the start and repeat all the fun

So now while her accent she could no longer give
She could neither object, for she didn’t now live

So next to the falls the bard he did walk
Seeking the stairs carved into the rock

Once they were found he began his descent
He must save his wife, he could not relent

For next was a much harder task
As in Styx’s power we gods even bask

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