Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto V

Of a story now told
And what did unfold
Of another set test
Where he has to impress
Of how he does not
In an assumption sillily caught
Of another mother being twisted and used
Who by Fate is only abused
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
As with Orpheus still I’m not through
And with him now I know what to do
So shall he sing his very next tale?
Hoping ‘gainst Fate soon to prevail
So let him think that he cleverness shows
As he does sing what she already knows

Words to Relate to Hate

Orpheus followed the stairs leaving Lethe behind
As down the cliff they did dangerously wind

The sleek rock high up put a knot in his guy
For behind the falls had they been cut

But, carefully, he descended slow
Which truly was the best way to go

So he reached the bottom safe and sound
Happy to be back on more solid ground

But from Lethe’s second leg he also turned
For other’s permission still need be earned

Of to the west Styx he did spy
And despondently let out a whimpering sigh

For while he knew well of Death and Destruction
Hate had never been his heart’s true instruction

He knew not what to do when her he would meet
Nervousness grew, he could not move his feet

But then, his thoughts, to his wife they did turn
He remembered his cause, for what he did yearn

So after a while, after great length
He started to move, he had found his old strength

He got to Styx after an hour or so
To she who’s waters do flow oh so slow

For in amber, fast, hatred is trapped
It draws the mind with attention rapt

He walked beside her waters cold
Hoping that her he would soon behold

‘Twas not long that he did have to wait
But her appearance did no fears elate

A bright blue chiton is what she wore
Draped past her knees down to the floor

Cinched at the waist with a plain rope white
Truly she’s a wondrous sight

But her strength and power shine thoroughly through
For ‘sides me she’s the strongest, truly it’s true

So when she towards him came along the bank
Back away from her he immediately shrank

“Dis” she said “told me why you are here
Come now, don’t fade, you’ve nothing to fear”

But all he could do was just shake his head
“I don’t worry for me, but for my wife instead

“I want her to follow, to leave this place
I wish to once more look ‘pon her face”

“So you think” she said “that since my river is hate
That I never can love, and thus can not relate?”

“But you have to,” he said “I know that you can
And to convince you of this I do have a plan

“A story in fact to show you the truth
A story in face to act as your proof

“You see Sisyphus who rolls up the stone
He wished that he was a child alone

“For Aeolus his father had one more son
And no joy from this ever would come

“Sisyphus and Salmoneus those two were named
And the spite in their hearts, it couldn’t be tamed

“Whatever one did the other’d surpass
They showed no decorum, they never showed class

“In matters of love, they’d court the same girl
In matters of sport, insults they’d hurl

“‘Twas no catalyst, no single event
Which caused them to such hatred vent

“Fate, you see, was just having fun
Playing with lives, pitting son against son

“Eventually they’d both go and found their own city
Though the end of one, it was such a pity

“For the city of Salmoneus was razed to the ground
With a calamitous cry, a thunderous sound

“He tried to make others think him a god
But truly ‘twas a pathetic fraud

“For he attempted to mimic Zeus’s own flair
By throwing lit torches all through the air

“And chains he drew at his chariots back
To imitate thunders resounding crack

“But as he tried to his image employ
Zeus did he and his city destroy

“All this was to Sisyphus set straight
For harming one to whom he did relate

“He wished to show strength, a simple message send
As his brother had his life tried to end

“For Sisyphus had to Apollo gone
Asking how to end his dear brother’s song

“”To Salmoneus kill” Apollo did say
“His daughter you must repeatedly lay

“”Two sons will she you bring
They’ll kill their uncle, they will kill their king

“And ‘cross his face crept a devious smile
For seducing Tyro was an easy trial

“As protected, sequestered, Salmoneus her kept
He cared not if she smiled, just if she wept

“So she accepted when he at her leisure
Offered to give her the greatest of pleasure

“All through the night her he served well
Causing her emotions sweetly to swell

“So when Tyro came into a family way
Whom she’d fucked, she still wouldn’t say

“No matter how Salmoneus did press
To her father’s request she’d not acquiesce

“For she knew how those two did act
How with disfunction they did interact

“She wished her father to her children accept
She wished her children to soundly protect

“And while he did not her actions approve
Her joy he felt he could not remove

“So allowed was she to her children keep
Though still he knew not with whom she did sleep

“But one day she thought to their futures find out
So she’d know she’d raise right, so there’d not be a doubt

“Though the worst kind of one is Zeus’s great son
And so he decided to have some bad fun

“He told her what he’d said to Sisyphus before
And horrified, weeping, she ran out the door

“He’d not loved her, her he just used
He had only her feelings abused

“And while her father did not treat her right
Never did he seek to increase Tyro’s plight

“So she resolved to her childrens’ lives end
So her fathers future she could herself mend

“Crying she went off into their room
And sent her children down to their doom

“When done she told of her uncle’s abuse
And ‘tis what caused Salmoneus to imitate Zeus

“So you see how these ones who were fill with hate
Their desperate actions, ‘twas love that did make

“And while for me it is only love pure
To reckless actions still it did lure

“So even if for us you don’t at all care
Let us see how it ends, isn’t that fair?”

But, smirking, Styx only did laugh
“Was that story truly on my behalf?

“Hate is not all that I feel
All other emotions, they’re just as real

“But your assumptions, while stupid, are amusing enough
So your hope I do not think I shall snuff”

Then she approached, and she grabbed onto his face
“I don’t think” she said, “you understand this place”

“I know that to Lethe ‘twas future you told
And this is how you should your stories unfold

“For down here is Dis’s domain
There’s no need to the past explain

“We know what’s happened, we know what’s been done
It’s with the future that we do find our fun

“So with the rest of the rivers you’d better have wit
‘Cause your plan for me, well it kind of was shit”

She let go of his face and patted his cheek
And as she passed grabbed his ass – oh she never is meek

When the chill of her touch had faded away
He considered the words which to him she did say

Sticking to prophecy seemed a sensible path
No more tales of past hate and wrath

So further north west then he did go
Where from Styx the river of wailing does flow

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