Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto VIIII

Of the spread of evil
And forces primeval
Of how pops, insecure
Did not trap them sure
Of they way which they fled
Those forces of dread
Of how unlike the rest
I saw it was best
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
You would continue as all others do
And this joyous day, you only would rue
But perhaps it’s ‘cause none know the reason
That like herself, they think her acts treason
But they will, someday, see how it was right
To release ‘pon man all manner of blight

The Worst Things by far are From Pandora’s Jar

Let us too, let Orpheus be
Let us, his actions, not oversee

But his last tale of two brothers apart
Oh! how it does tear at my heart

For of the four sons, two stood with with him
But two stood from their father, Iapetus, their kin

Menoetius and Atlas were the two that had stayed
But my father, their trust, by failing betrayed

But Forethought and After, they both took a stand
One on which Kronos never had planned

So my father they helped me defeat
They helped me gain my true proper seat

Prometheus though when he turned against me
Could, no longer, be allowed to be free

Epimetheus though always stayed true
He never did what that other did do

So an example of him I decided to make
To stop others from his brother’s mistake

For standing ‘gainst me should never be done
All that you win is what I’ve ‘lowed to be won

But to show any are free to be with us
I thought to reward Epimetheus

No matter one’s past – all are fair game
As long as above all, they’ve accepted my name

Thus, as the bumbler could not find a wife
I thought, instead, to create a new life

But while him I wished to make blest
I also had need to punish the rest

For due to his brother who was still bound in chain
Against my control did every man strain

Those people of silver, they honoured no god
And they, when adult, with joy did maraud

Prometheus – that bastard! – he’d ruined the world
But he knew truly what his actions unfurled

For his plot, for man, he’d pushed into motion
For each scheme he had such great devotion

He wished for men to have a truer existence
He and his allies with the utmost persistence

But for now they had no power to act
Save to push me, to set me on track

And though truly supreme was his love of man
Their fall, it was all in his plan

So while in pain, laughing in glee
He happily knew what had yet to be

Despite that it would, on his brother be hard
To succeed, such worries he’d have to discard

And so I decided to accept – to play my part
Damn Prometheus and his cold shriveled heart

First Hephaestus then I did seek
For with him I needed to speak

As I needed a new form, in which life to imbue
And the skill to do so, ‘tis held by a few

So while he created a form, a new human shape
I still sought others – to each gift her a trait

Wisest Athene next I did draft
To give her skill in artisans’ craft

And Aphrodite, with her beauty so mighty
Made her both lovely and flighty

The Graces made her move with – well – grace
And gave a regal nature to her clay fired face

The swift one who does with skill giants kill
With his own playful nature, did her heart fill

But all these were meant as reward
One gift though must be abhorred

For poison Temptation gave as her gift
And if ‘twas not my plan I’d have truly been miffed

Herself did she put in her mind
Nothing Pandora could now leave behind

Curiosity in her would burn like a fire
Making her pursue her every desire

So form and gifts all married with strife
I then gave Pandora new and fresh life

Thus the first of all women then came to be
Thanks to what I had done, all thanks to me

To the home of Epimetheus then I did fly
While, beside me, Pandora did cry

For having brought her soul into being
She was, as I, the future seeing

‘Twas not a gift that I’d meant to provide
It simply was along for the ride

‘Gainst all shackles my power does strain
Even in gifts none can contain

Stepping out she then forced a smile
The tears she stopped, ‘least for a while

For in love she knew she would fall
And thus, be the ruin of all

Such a burden, how could she bear?
Oh! Fate! – she can be so unfair

But those two, they did fall for each other
They had no need for any other lover

‘Twas not to long before they were wed
But my gift for them was for me instead

All ills, in a jar, my father had stored
And I knew my warnings would be fully ignored

For she had a need to see what’s inside
As it contents I did from them hide

I simply said “It’s filled with the oldest of old”
And let the rest on its own then unfold

Ah, Temptation you most horrid bitch
Truly you make the mind itch

By their hearth the jar it was kept
It bore in her mind while the two of them slept

On nothing else could she let herself think
Oh, how it made her heart sink

In the mid of night was when she did go
She just couldn’t help – she could not her feet slow

Knowing full well what she then did
Fatefully she did open the lid

Out from within the captives did fly
Each one invisible before her own eye

As quick as she could she put back on the cap
But the Evils’ power did it not sap

Free were they to do all that they want
Free to see through every stunt

As their forces spread ‘cross the whole land
Prometheus achieved what he had planned

The men of silver then they did fall
The men of silver then they did pall

Bronze these men then became
Forever would they not be the same

Exponentially their violence grew
Caring not for whom they then slew

No names had those forces kept in that jar
Save for the one she did successfully bar

For though humans can now well adjust
Before they were clogged with tarnish and rust

Under new toils men did now die
And they thought ‘twas no reason to try

For Hope it was that Pandora had trapped
And Hope it was that the people then lacked

But as my knowledge she truly did know
She knew which way, in the end, this would go

So, once more, she removed the jar’s lid
So no longer alone was Hope trapped and hid

Then she knew that her task was all done
So she woke her husband so they could be one

For what she had done she could never atone
So simply she wished to be with her family alone

Her fate now done she wished for children to raise
To help fight through that dreary malaise

And as her husband could only look back
He saw what he lost, the family he lacked

So they retired to Asia, kept away from it all
To stay away from mans’ further fall

Through the world they did their progeny send
From them all people do now descend

The only proof left of this story I’ve told
Is that instinct that all women hold

‘Tis what remain of that which she took
The ability to in Future look

But their damage was done – they did no longer care
They’d made their escape and wished to stay there

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