Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XXVIIII

Of the bastard’s own son
From whom men do come
Of his cousin pure
Where come women, for sure
Of that rival of mine
Who does me undermine
Of how heros did start
From whom many take heart
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
While this tale I don’t want to tell
‘Tis better than what I fear you would sell
For once again he got his own way
For once again he ruined my day
So shall I try, while singing my best,
To say how came the age that’s most blest

Prometheus Would Not Let Me See Through This

Anger – entrapped – the truth I can’t hide
Help was required, no matter my pride

So swift was not the destruction of man
As with others I needed to plan

For my goal of extinction one did not care
Though he was not of my council – he’ll never be there

‘Twas Prometheus who did thusly object
‘Twas he who wished to humans protect

Knowing that him I would choose not to hear
He sought to protect those he held dear

So even bound his scheming persisted
And the help of Dream his planning insisted

Thus in sleep, he to her spoke
He hurriedly hurried before he awoke

“Oh beautiful Dream who does in minds dwell
What that’s new to you can I possibly tell?

“To anyone are you free to roam
No one place must you call home

“But wait – Zeus plans to humanity kill
Then you’ll be trapped, then you’ll be still

“If only we could somebody keep
But what can I do? I am helpless and weak”

Before he continued she let out a scoff
And speaking did cut him right off

“That you think me this dumb, it does frankly apall
You have a plan, why else would you call

“Of me just say what you need
Clearly I’ll help, you don’t have to plead”

He smiled then at the ease of this task
But in his success there was no time to bask

“To Deucalion, my son, you now need to go
There’s something to him that you do have to show

“For I know you can leave knowledge in mind
And for a raft, in mine, plans you can find

“As to destroy all the people that be
I’m sure that Zeus will raise up the sea

“Thus that boat can save he and his wife
And then we can show them the way to make life”

Understanding his plans she gave a quick nod
It seemed it would work – it didn’t seem flawed

So off and away Dream did then fly
And once more, alone, Prometheus did lie

But she did do what she’d been told
She followed the plans, of Prometheus, bold

To Deucalion she appeared whilst in his bed
And left some ideas deep in his head

Thus, when he awoke he knew of my plan
He knew what to build to do what he can

So he together with Pyrrha, his love
Protected themselves from all us above

And though the craft was not much to behold
It’s design was perfect, it would no water hold

Only Hephaestus could have thought of one better
Then the betraying bastard who thought himself clever

So when the seas I started to swell
His plot Prometheus knew would go well

At last, that pair, they climbed into their boat
And above my wrath they started to float

But as the wind and water pushed forth and back
Their courage did fail, hope did they lack

But soon, by chance, to the north they did drift
Where was a sight that their spirits did lift

The twin peaks of Parnassus rose up in the air
Nothing could be any more fair

Luck did then allow them to ground
While thunder all ‘round did crack and resound

So when at last they got a good chance to rest
More knowledge, Dream, did in them invest

The secret, the blessing, to of humans make more
Into their minds did she then bore

So in the morning when did the waters recede
Those two did a new people seed

For they followed his method perfected before
‘Twas easy – ‘twas in no way a chore

Man from Earth Prometheus had made
So the same of his son then he had bade

He mixed his blood with mud from the ground
And was shocked at what he then found

Arose from the muck many new men
Many new cousins did he have then

Pyrrha then followed, doing the same
But from her ‘twas women that came

And as I made sure that all them did die
Them on the mountain then I did spy

Ready for murder I raised up my arm
But when I saw who it was I couldn’t them harm

For Deucalion, that right bastard’s son
He’d warned me of Lycaon – he was that one

He was righteous and honourable true
To kill him – it just wouldn’t do

So I decided, for then, to leave them alone
So, together, they could build a new home


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