Soon, oh soon, I shall be back on a regular schedule.

I really don’t have an excuse for falling off the update wagon.  I’ve had the time to get work done but honestly it can sometimes be hard to use my free time for something, that while I love doing it, is honestly work.  I have also been trying to get some other projects going and that has sidetracked me a little.  I, however, am almost done my next poem, it will be finished later today, but I will not be posting it until next Wednesday.

I really want to try to get a buffer up and have every post submitted for publishing a week before hand.  I know that I can do this and, in fact, have maintained such a thing for a couple weeks so hopefully it will work.  After this next one there is only going to be one more for a while that does not focus on specifically Greco-Roman mythology so the fact that I know it more and will have to do less research will help speed things along.

As for the other projects one is just me trying to get off my ass and actually finish a novel, it’s kind of sad how many 15-20K word unfinished things I have just lying around.  The other one though is going to be practice for my flash fiction, i.e. short stories around 1000 words or less.  Starting next week I will be posting one piece of flash fiction on my medium site, which until now has not been used at all.  They will not necessarily be connected to each other in plot, setting, theme, characters, or anything but some might be.

I don’t even know if there is anyone who regularly reads this blog but if there is I apologise for not updating recently and hopefully will be able to start getting more content out there.


-Edit-  Ummm, right.  This would be the medium site

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