Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto III

Of another great warrior
Who was evil’s destroyer
Of his unmatched persistence
And my daughters assistance
Of how he always would fight
To show his power – to show his might
Of how Death he knew true
The inexorable day he never would rue
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
As those of the north you never do tell
Only on us do you find time to dwell
Their awesome deeds you always ignore
And never you will I beg or implore
So shall continue this tale
And sing of he who did always prevail

The Hero Of The Geats Knew No Defeats

While eastward we two did go
Athene’s travels northward did flow

She, as well, found those creatures most odd
Though her’s, at present, were not ruled by god

Their creator, it seemed, yet had to be
So, fates unset, they truly roamed free

For unlike the others who live on the Earth
Gods don’t move forwards from the time of our birth

So while these creations of his now did exist
From Father of Light they could no help enlist

Thus she changed whatever she willed
Their lives, with glory, made ever more filled

But one she made more than the rest
One she made truly the best

Beowulf, already, was the strongest of all
Stacked ‘gainst his, did other’s deeds fall

First she saw him alone on the shore
Alone in Finland all covered in gore

Slayn had he nine beasts of the sea
Now the north waters all could sail free

She saw, already, how he was shrouded in glory
And thought, to herself, “I can aid in his story”

Then she decided with him to stay
To help him along his wondrous way

For his next quest she surely was needed
To deny this, well, he’s not that conceited

For then, ‘though he hadn’t been bade
The ring-giver Hrothgar he decided to aid

For he’d heard tales of his terrible plight
And always was looking for a greater still fight

Twelve years Herot was alone and empty
When before there was joy aplenty

But, the noise, when built awoke a dread ire
And Grendel needed to fill his desire

In the mid of the night he crept to the hall
Killed thirty odd men and then ate them all

None could stop this blasphemous beast
So left was he, for years, to feast

And why help to Hrothgar he decided to give?
‘Twas so all would know how did Beowulf live

At the shore where he landed was a watchmen, a Dane
And he hoped the hero could relieve their old pain

For despite Beowulf’s relative youth
All knew he was the strongest in truth

So he took him to that great hall of mead
And the hero’s presence joy once more freed

‘Twas contagious the confidence he had in his skill
So sure was he that he could Grendel kill

So sure was he that hewas the best
That he laid down his arms and prepared for a rest

As always in night did the monster appear
He did, in silence, to the hero draw near

My daughter, though, unseen and well hid
Soon would act, like Beowulf, unbid

Athene put an itch in the back of his mind
So awoke Beowulf to there Grendel find

With a sudden shot he stuck out his arm
And prevented Grendel from doing his harm

He grabbed at his wrist and then held him fast
Grendel did thrash – his grip wouldn’t last

And every strike by his allies, his friends
Was turned by skin, they could not the beast end

But Athene lent him more power still
All to ensure he could Grendel kill

They fought all ‘round – destroyed the whole room
But he couldn’t escape his very own doom

After a while his bones cracked and split
And off came his arm right at the pit

Shrieking he ran, trailing fel blood
Off to the swamp, into the mud

A cheer arose within the great hall
For their trouble seemed done once and for all

But their danger was not yet in the past
For of his kin, Grendel wasn’t the last

His mum sought revenge what they had done
She wished to avenge her very last son

When in Hrothgar’s home the hero did stay
The mother was free to her vicious game play

She wrecked up the hall and retook his limb
And back to her home then she did swim

The hero, in the morn’, when he’d seen what she’d done
Did promise to all that her death would soon come

He and his allies went out to the mire
All to fulfill his violent desire

They found the lake ‘neath which her home lay
And the hero, once more, prepared then to slay

In armour he bedecked himself best
And a sword most ancient he’d put to the test

For already he’d proved, ‘gainst Grendel, his strength
No need was there for their fight to have length

So down he dove – down into the water
Steeling himself for mayhem and slaughter

And followed Athene, unseen – my dearest –
For alone he’d fail, that outcome was clearest

And when he descended to the lake’s silty floor
She grabbed at his foot – pulled him into her door

He awoke in a room of treasure and gold
Oh! – such a hoard did that beast hold

Fully armed he foresaw a quick fight
But her skin, like her son’s, resisted steel’s bite

With a laugh she jumped and pounced on his chest
But her teeth were stopped by his mighty steel vest

Forth and back did those two go
But neither could get the other to slow

Thus once more Athene did help
A final blow she ensured was dealt

She drew his eye to a sword more massive
And continued her help in a way most passive

For he’d be unable to pick up that steel
So once more she’d new strength reveal

He kicked off that wretch and picked up the sword
Grateful for help which he’d never implored

With a swing of the sword she fell to the ground
With a sickening thump – a horrible sound

But the blade, then, did melt from the hilt
For her blood was acid when it was spilt

He returned to the surface and told of his deeds
How they truly from terror were freed

He returned to Geatland and later ‘came king
And much joy, to all, did his reign bring

Through this, with him she stayed all along
Athene was happy to see his life’s song

But one day a slave would run and escape
And blunder his way into a old barrow great

He picked up a goblet to finance his flight
Setting off the kings final plight

Oh how could he know there was another in there
That a power so great would his actions unbear

For sensing a disturbance in its pile of treasure
A dragon awoke from its rest and its leisure

His footprints it saw which lead from its home
Such an insult it never had known

It took to the sky – spread destruction all ‘round
Beowulf’s mead hall it burned to the ground

Thus some men he took to the barrow
So the dragon his people no longer would harrow

But when, the beast, the warriors did see
Most turned tail – most did flee

Only Wiglaf did stay with his king
Only he to himself did then honour bring

The dragon attacked – once – then twice
The king, one the third, paid the ultimate price

But Wiglaf delivered a blow to its gut
Allowing the king to then its heart cut

Beowulf died with splendor and grace
Bringing tears to dear Wiglaf’s face

Why my daughter did not interfere?
She knew his death soon would be near

A better passing she couldn’t have brung
This was the end he’d want to be sung

For he knew that all live and surely must die
And all one can do is in memories lie

But now free of flesh she captured his soul
Brought it back home to his actions extoll

For then she learned what she thought was her place
To increase the glory of the whole human race

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