Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto V

Of one era’s end
Which that bastard did send
Of his brand new creation
And their rise to their station
Of a glorious age
Untainted by rage
Of how we, blinded by joy
Saw nothing but our new toy
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
You I won’t trust with one single song
Especially not of how they came along
For here was where you learned what you’d do
All other thoughts you did then eschew
So I alone shall sing of the start
Of Prometheus trying to take me apart

The Creation Of Man Was The Start Of His Plan

Once we all had returned to our home
The bastard’s thoughts did ramble and roam

We all had seen some manner of human
And Prometheus, intrigued, did wish to act through them

Since they existed all ‘round the earth
He thought that new humans he’d be able to birth

So he set to new man create
He thought he’d found his truest true fate

So down from Olympus he did then descend
Solitude seeking to put to an end

In search of a spot he crossed all the land
For the most perfect place to start what he’d planned

Eventually he came to the Muses own mount
Where art had yet to spring as a fount

By a thought he was suddenly struck
He’d need some allies – it seemed he had luck

For as of yet they’d no purpose or use
And they gathered to see what he would produce

Urania and Thalia, were the first to come down
Next Melpomene – with ever a frown

Calliope and Clio did follow them then
Erato after appeared in the glen

Polyhymnia and Euterpe were near to the end
Tripsichore lastly did both twist and bend

My daughters of Memory did crowd all around
They’d yet made a noise – yet made a sound

They watched with nine bodies but one single mind
To see what he’d do, to see what he’d find

In equal amounts he gathered water and earth
And then attempted new men to birth

But nothing happened, nothing was done
His plan seemed over before it begun

But, oh! his mind, it never would quit
It would never to another thought flit

He resolved he had to give even more
He cut at his wrist and bled into the floor

In his creation himself he’d infused
And thus made man, whom we gods all abused

For as children with ants we’d have our cruel fun
‘Til all were dead we’d never be done

But being a god he could only make man
And women was needed for his ultimate plan

Later though they surely would come
He wouldn’t create them, he’d not be the one

For now alone men lived ‘cross the land
And the Muses, their purpose, did then understand

Through men they’d speak their language of song
It was, indeed, their point all along

So, in joy, their mouths opened as one
And forth did music most beautiful come

And so Prometheus had some allies for life
Ones who’d follow through all sort of strife

But now ‘twas an age of wonder and gold
Nothing but beauty was there to behold

Not for nothing did these men need
They didn’t even have to sow seed

As Earth did freely supply them with food
Enough for all, their whole mighty brood

They neither did learn one single craft
Though this concept to most must surely seem daft

No trees were felled, no stone was cut
No clothing stitched together with animal gut

They’d no need of all these things
No need for what technology brings

They didn’t need order, they didn’t need law
They were pious and perfect, they’d no single flaw

-Oh!- to know how they later would be
If only they’d stayed so pure and so free

But Fate, the morai, they stand all apart
They have no care for man or god’s heart

Those daughters of Khaos do callously set
All that still has not happened yet

Although I know what’s going to be
Even I am not from them free

Thus when the bastard returned to us all
I had no reason to him liar call

He told us the thing he’d brought into being
Explained to us what now we were seeing

Each one – we gods – we did then rejoice
Like the muses we had but joy in our voice

For we finally now had a reason to act
Finally now could ourselves well distract

For left all alone our existence was bare
So we loved that now these humans were there

But the gladdest of all was that bastard deceiver
For of this gift he’d be the greatest receiver

For now his plan ‘twas set into motion
And it for us would be calamitous commotion

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