Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto X

Of what we saw through
Though we wished not to do
Of my own first affair
How I proved that I care
Of what she let go
Freeing hatred to show
Of the start of the best
And his very first test
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
Greatest praise he will always receive
But only because I now may deceive
I wish no glory for how I was changed
How, from Hera, I was ever estranged
So I shall sing only of the facts
The truth of secrecy, plotting, and pacts

We’ll Be Saved, One Of These Days, By That Hero, That Alceides

Oh my gran is too clever by half
Well would she scheme on my uncle’s behalf

Without a doubt she could our reign end
Could us all to Tartaros send

So I thought to in Future look
To see if she something mistook

Alas! she’d us for certain defeat
Destined, I seemed, to lose my true seat

I became more desperate, could see now way out
Me, myself, I began then to doubt

But I found one ray of hope, one distant star
A chance of success flung far afar

There could be a mortal who’d more than the rest
In all that he did he’d by far be the best

Only with him would we then win
That greatest of men with the strongest of kin

For he must be my child, must be my own
Thus my morals must sink like a stone

So I went to Hera who by then was my wife
For I wished our marriage to be all free from strife

I told her how we surely were doomed
How over our future Gaia’s plan

“But there is a solution” I said “which I may have found
Which will have results oh so profound

“There is a women to be, Alcmene by name
Who can bear a mortal not quite the same

“Her son Alceides – though not quite a god –
Unlike most humans would not be as flawed

“His power’s immense, his future unpaved
Only through him can all us be saved

“But alas! my seed does she need
And to do so my love must be freed

“So give your accent, you need to, you must
I ask for I wish not to kill your dear trust”

My wife just sat, stared off for a while
No matter the time, she could not muster smile

Her permission she did eventually speak
Though she is quite she hardly is meek

“My husband” she did say then to me
“I do not like that this has to be

“And while it’s true I’ve no other choice
I will not cheer, stand up and rejoice”

But both of us knew how all this would end
How it would our togetherness rend

So sadly we did what had to be done
My love was now open tied to no one

Still though I did not wish to run ‘way from her
Desire for Alcmene she then had to spur

Thus using her strength and skill in disguise
She dissembled us both in all others eyes

Amphitryon was I – Alcmene was she
Together we readied for what had to be

Together we slept so I could do what I must
So for Alcmene I would have husbands’ lust

So still Amphitryon her only true love
I came down to Thebes, down from above

For saccing was he each Taphian isle
So still would he be gone for a while

I went then to her, claimed I’d returned
Said that I for only her yearned

So we went and laid down in their bed
As though I were to her truly wed

What I planted in her was not left to Chance
I was very precise in our lovemaking dance

I took the essence of those greatest of men
To make the best who ever has been

Gilgamesh the king from out in the east
Beowulf who slew that dragon, that beast

I combined their being along with my own
And soon our hope’s start I had in her sown

But her true husband returned the next day
And he too with Alcmene did lay

So two children were born at the very same time
One Amphitryon’s – one surely mine

But he wished to know which was his true
Just as all men seem always to do

In the dead of the night he played a cruel trick
To be honest he was a bit of a dick

He slipped two snakes into their room
It could have easily been our only hope’s doom

Iphacles cried aloud in his bed
And from the snakes he quickly had fled

But the other, Alceides who was truly my son
Proved the hero that he’d later become

Although just a babe he stood on two feet
And the venomous threat did easily beat

He grabbed the snakes, one in each arm
Strangled them both ‘fore they did any harm

So did start our hero and savior
But for Hera it was no kind of favour

For as soon as it could my love it did wander
Leaving my wife to on her choice ponder

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