Hymn to Dis

Oh dread god; who claims us, invisible, final, and perfect
You who single, along in this life is so certain, so well known
For you, oh! for you I sing as you truly are worth it

For my love, so true, all it yours for so deeply it’s been sown
That which derives from our nature, our being, from our living
For it I sing; focused, obsessed on those spirits which have flown

For our deaths, how they come as inexorably Life stops giving
That most basic of truths that humanity rages against still
For them I sing; knowing what has to occur; no misgiving

For your gift of rebirth, how it need us to die, us to be still
That oh so glorious cycle that keeps all existence from dying
For it I sing; seeing the reason and cause for why you kill

Yours is the grandest of tasks of that fact there can be no denying
Life has meaning but brevity, you, your presence does birth it
For you I sing; who by existing does prompt us to trying

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