Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XI

Of my moral decent
Which did never relent
Of a daring escape
So I couldn’t her rape
Of Hera’s great chase
Where did Leto outpace
Of a family who did stay together
Despite my torrential weather
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
In this tale – well – I couldn’t be worse
Thus I don’t trust you to sing verse
For while I did never you harm
I did neither you charm
So I’ll speak, though, not in defence
And sing of a great and horrid offence

The First Of My Sins And The Birth Of My Twins

My lust at first I controlled with ease
And this, for sure, did well Hera please

That hungering look was for her all alone
What I did with Alcmene – I need never atone

But alas! this way was not destined to last
In fact my strength degraded quite fast

For greater, we gods, are in each way
Even in those we wish not to stay

Our spite and our vengeance truly runs deep
Just to just actions we just can not keep

Only one deed would it then take
For my will, my conscious to break

It happened while at a crossroad
I saw what’s often kept in abode

Love Perses, Asteria did make
Which in the end would create Hekate

And the look of Asteria in her passionate throws
How my desire did flame – oh! no one knows

It burned in my mind ‘til control turned to ash
All semblance of honour that day would I dash

I came to Asteria, predacious in look
She knew my desire, to flight then she took

‘Cross the whole world she ran ‘way from me
She tired eventually, no longer could flee

But she never would yield – would not with me be
She turned to a quail – flew into the sea

When water she touched she didn’t then die
She turned to the island where men prophecy

Delos she made as it rose from the ocean
But ‘twas not the end of my lustful commotion

Her sister, I thought, must be like her
It seemed so simple to that much to infer

However, I’d learned not simply to take
My actions before were clearly mistake

So when Leto I did then approach
With her, the subject, I knew how to broach

“My cousin,” I said “I can give you a child
One with power to make others’ seem mild

“Their strength will be as good as the best
Far above, they’ll be from the rest”

This was all that I needed to say
Leto with me was ready to lay

So that desire finally was quelled
But Hera to action I had then impelled

For just as I’d seen those two before
She had caught me with her, being a boar

And while I saw the hate in her eyes
‘Twas not just me she did then despise

Leto she hounded, gave unending chase
But she let her escape, it wasn’t a race

Suffering, pain, she wished then to cause
Hoping other lovers would consider and pause

For while she escaped, got ‘way every turn
It wasn’t a capture for which Hera did yearn

Harried and harried Leto did run
After a while it, for Hera, was fun

She loved the pursuit, how it let her be cruel
Until that passion itself became it’s own fuel

So gleeful, sadistic, she harassed her dear quarry
The first in a line of many such story

But when gestation journey did at last end
A gift, for her, the Morai did send

At Delos she rested having found peace
For her sister would not pain increase

Leto, then, did start to give birth
But two children did she bring to this earth

Artemis was the first to be and be born
She who leads the claw, tooth, and horn

She, at once, was ready to act
Ability and drive she never has lacked

Midwife did she the birth of Apollo
Which, after her’s, did immediately follow

He with power of healing and death
Who Future could speak with every breath

Only now did Hera relent
She was patron of birthing and her hate had been spent

Her lesson, it seems, fell on deaf ears
None of my lovers would listen to fears

But this seemed to work for her too
For now she’d love what she would do

Thus Hera I did ruin as well
Though she enjoys it, so I won’t on her dwell

But those two I hurt and have true remorse
So to them I must say, of course

“Mea culpa”

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