Hymn to Peace

Oh you goddess, so fleeting, unending and ceaseless we do chase
You who drives us to good and to ill for desire is above all
For you oh! for you shall I sing so, so, highly of your place

For inspiration that you give, thus to despair we shall not fall
You stand just out of reach, your hand you then offer, as we hope
For it I sing; hollering back as I echo that sweet call

For all the horrors you bring as at any solution, desperately, we grope
When it appears that the fighting is never to end we do cheat
For them I sing; hobbled by what we’ve done to you I lope

For your contentment that promise of what is to come when we, strife, beat
How you are to embrace us without and within to let us rest
For it I sing; striving as ever to you, in myself, greet

You are the goal we agree we should seek, for by far are you best
We disagree, are unable to look, all together, on your face
For you I sing; you whom we love, for whom always will we quest

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