Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XIII

Of the start of a line
With parents divine
Of a bestial disguise
Which wasn’t that wise
Of a mortal’s abduction
A father’s instruction
Of how I became even more hated
For all my desires that couldn’t be sated
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This tale already all do know
And well you use it to hate of me sew
While truly ‘tisn’t my grandest hour
It wasn’t that bad, wasn’t that sour
So now shall I sing of Agenor’s daughter
And that way which I eventually got her

Europa And I, To Crete We Did Fly

While Alcides acts gained everyone`s love
My station still fell down from above

For my kin spread out and took mortals to bed
Again and again with mortals they bread

Libya, that sweet daughter of Nile,
We seduced by Poseidon with his wit and his guile

Together they had a pair of proud sons
Agenor and Belos two very great ones

And while Belos stayed near to his mother
Agenor left, in search of another

Phoenicia he finally went
To Telephassa his knee he then bent

She followed Athene – was strong in her way
And with her he wished then to stay

As one they joined and built a new home
With all sorts of space for their children to roam

Three mighty sons the two of them had
Great warriors all, for this they were glad

Phoinix, Cilix, and Cadmus by name
Their daughter too was so much the same

For Europa shared in their great lust for wander
On distant lands did all four of them ponder

And while like her mother in spirit and will
Her body itself was still stronger still

For she’d grown with those powerful brothers
She’d played with them for there were simply no others

I however, with no one could play
I wasn’t allowed with mortals to lay

So struggled I did with new found desire
For I wished not to raise Hera’s ire

So when I happened to see her wandering a field
To the twinge in my loins I just couldn’t yield

Thus body and mind I turned to a bull
So carnal lust I couldn’t fulfill

But still, while there, in the brain of a beast
I wished to be close – wished that at least

So to her I did slowly draw near
Through bovine eyes did at her leer

But she, at that time, did not me ignore
And I’d no idea what was in store

I made my breath roses to put her at ease
But this is not in what she did please

She crept apprehensive – kept herself low
And me she approached, wary and slow

I thought it was fear, thought it was worry
That stopped her for moving in any such hurry

But once she’d reached within an arms length
I at once felt her power – at once felt her strength

For she simply was hoping I’d not from her run
‘Twas now that she’d be having her fun

Her hand flashed out and grasped at a horn
That which did my head then adorn

I was so shocked, so caught off my guard
That I stayed as I was and simply fought hard

I shook all about, did violently buck
But in all of this I didn’t have luck

She held on fast with that most mighty arm
Keeping herself from all of my harm

As I flailed and I flung her – tossed her around
She solidly landed, both feet on the ground

And once she’d gained her balance and stance
Her left shot out, without even a glance

Now that she had both my horns locked
My escape from her was all fully blocked

She wrenched my head and fought me to ground
Her breath came out a most ragged sound

But she didn’t let got, so still did I stay
Happy to be with what she did play

In time she accepted that I had been broken
All without a word being spoken

So she let go my horns and patted my flank
Gave the hair of my neck a cute tug and yank

In the grass, with her, then I did lie
As with me she gazed up at the sky

“Oh my beast,” she said with head in her hand
“How I wish to depart from this land

“ I love my family, all of my kin
But still I wish for where never I’ve been

“As long as I stay I’ll simply be me
Among all my brothers I’ll never be free”

Then was when I was made up in my mind
I’d take her to where no one would find

So when for a laugh she climbed onto my back
I ran off as if a whip she did crack

Quickly enough I delved into the ocean
Unconcerned of future commotion

Then I did take her to the place of my birth
That island Crete, where Sky worked with Earth

Then I revealed my glorious form
Showed I was Zeus, the master of storm

“Europa,” I said then as I knelt
“A bit of luck now you’ve been dealt

“Back I can take you to your family’s home
Or here I can leave you, free now to roam

“I promise that if you remain here in Crete
Your children will rise to the highest of seats”

She did not wait and replied all at once
“Do you think me stupid? think me a dunce?

“You brought me here for you knew what I’d choose
That to thank you I’d wish to you use”

She arched a ‘brow, gave a smile quite wry
It seemed I couldn’t my deep lust belie

Forward she stepped, slipped a hand in my clothes
Happy with what now she had chose

But a world away things weren’t quite as well
Agenor’s anger was starting to swell

For he did not know where his daughter had gone
And now he feared as a doe for a fawn

In a rage he ejected each every son
Not caring what of them would become

He told them all to never return
Unless with their sister, for whom he did yearn

And so while, this time, I’d tried to be kind
It seems that Misery does those ‘round me find

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