Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XVI

Of the city of Troy
That they did almost destroy
Of an unjust fear
For when he drew near
Of the uncovered truth
Cruel fate`s own proof
Of how he tried to only be good
For the person he was would be misunderstood
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
You tales now are so far from my own
And I wish to sing on the seed I have sown
Alceides’s the best, though he doesn’t last long
For he’s not made immortal by any great song
So I shall sing of when did an army he lead
And when his friend for his own life then plead

It Did Not My Son Please To Know Herakles

While I Calisto’s life ruined by what I her gave
Alceides’ would end when he would all us save

But this knowledge, this secret, this terrible fact
He didn’t learn till he was done with his pact

Only once finished with Eurystheus’ commands
Did he learn of cruel Fate’s demandes

‘Twas when he sailed with heroes, each one a friend
Off to Ilium, to their liberty end

For the king before had broken a vow
And this Alceides wouldn’t allow

So there they sailed, their ships were eighteen
To the greatest city they ever had seen seen

They camped on the beach where there they did land
There upon that hot golden sand

But my son couldn’t wait, he wished to set out
Of their success there was no sort of doubt

So he decided which troops with him he’d take
Only the strongest so the wall they could break

But one he would need to protect the way home
For for years they did not wish to roam

He left all the ships in Oicles’ care
But this task, for him, proved too much to bear

Laomedon appeared with the whole Trojan army
And despite his line Oicles couldn’t act smarmy

For such a force, well, none could deny
‘Twas a great power – they did not have to try

They slew him with ease, son of Ares own son
But those of Ilium they hadn’t then won

For Alceides drawn by the sound of the battle
Drove his troops as though they were cattle

Great heroes all, who had for the others respect
But from the lead of my son there’d be no defect

All of them knew that this was his mission
Unlike me, none would fight his position

They drove off the Trojans – so quick made them run
But ‘cross the sea they’d not come for such fun

So back to the wall of that city they went
They put it to siege, would not yet relent

At the walls they beat in the hopes it’d crack
And their strength in the end did not in this lack

A gaping hole they did at long last produce
The great one, Telamon, was the first to make use

But when my son Alceides did after him follow
His friend, it seemed in fear did then wallow

But ‘twas not worry for the warriors inside
But rather was for Alceides great pride

As though in a trance he did plead for his life
“I know” he said “how to end our ill strife

“A shrine I shall build to the most noble victor
To Herakles, you, great destruction’s inflictor

“It shall be readily known that you stand above all
My swift entry need not to you gall”

Confused my son stood, for though he was mad
Telamon’s timor had no cause to be had

For despite the clear facts he did act as in danger
But as odd as that was there was something much stranger

Who Herakles was, my son didn’t know
His friend thought it him – it was clear from his show

So with fervor he worked – that Telamon did
Until he was done with what of him was bid

“There” he said as he turned to my son
“All will know it is you who has won”

Power, immediate, from the altar did flow
And happened it did to Alceides then show

He was an egg, but a weak mortal shell
The fate of his future at once he could tell

Soon he would break – free Olympos’s savior
Nothing he did was for his own favour

When Sense to his friend did finally return
He knew what he’d seen was what the future would learn

He would not be remembered for standing like brothers
But rather insisting to stand upon others

By his friend Alceides was simply annoyed
But Herakles, him, he would have destroyed

How ferocious the life of Olympian fire
Herakles rise would make Alceides a liar

So when Telamon returned, dazed and confused
He didn’t say how by Fate he’d been used

So now my son did just as he must
Knowing that Fate he just had to trust

He only would do what he felt to be right
Some stories would keep, they had to, they might

So when they stormed throughout that beautiful city
Wherever he could he tried to show pity

Laomedon, the king, he knew he need kill
But the others insisted he continue on still

So one by one he found each royal son
And each he killed till they let him be done

Podaras the youngest was all that was left
But Troy of heirs he’d not make bereft

So with the woman the son he decided to slave
At least that way he could one of them save

And tempered by hydra and what he had learned
Forethought and wisdom he no longer now spurned

For Podaras’s freedom he too had a plan
As he was not yet a god but simply a man

He gave to soften what Herakles’d done
A princess, Hesione, to great Telamon

Hesione he told her she could one captive take
He knew who she’d choose, he’d made no mistake

She asked for her brother, the one who’d be king
The one on whom Homer would sing

But he could not for naught him to her give
Still he knew how free he could live

For while Podaras a slave he first had to make
Any payment Alceides would take

Hesione this insistence willingly bade
And so a veil for her brother to him she then paid

At once she did free him and gave a new name
Priam for where he freedom then came

And happy with all that he had then done
Alceides et al, sailed for from where they had come

But as away they went from the sacks aftermath
They felt my wife’s most dreaded wrath

For Ilium, that polis, was favoured by her
Thus their actions did her anger incur

And although our threat she did already know
No worry for it she seemed then to show

For Alceides was still a part of that fleet
And I just couldn’t risk my grand plan’s defeat

So her I then stopped for I am master of storm
And from Olympos I threw, I didn’t her warn

And though she was strong, and would surely be fine
It further did seed my justice divine

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