Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XVIII

Of a problem of time
With humans divine
Of two who’d be lost
And pay a great cost
Of a moment’s connection,
Impermanent perfection
Of how both their futures they already knew
But about it, there was nothing to do
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This is a tale you never do tell
The moral of which humans know well
I wonder why you do them deny
The fact that they know they always will die
So shall I sing, shall I sing it to all
How in the face of their fate those two didn’t pall

Her And My Son They Did Both Come Undone

While the wedding had left me all on my own
Alceides had gone to the oracle`s home

The sibyl at Delphi he was hoping would tell
Weather his efforts at all would end well

For the flood of that knowledge was starting to fade
He no longer was sure of the changes he made

He knew that he’d split and half ‘come a god
His past indiscretions all the more flawed

He was the part for Tartaros low
He’d ‘pon himself no glory bestow

All that he did, for good and for ill
All it would go to Herakles still

The sureness he had back there in Troy
Time and distance did slowly destroy

But he still tried his best to always good
Though the truth and the reason ’twas not understood

But before he went up someone came down
Pensive, perturbed, wearing a frown

At the mountain’s base she did suddenly stop
And upon a flat rock she did herself drop

And while Alceides was about to walk by
He remembered his promise and to help he did try

But when he asked her what had been wrong
With his questions she did not play along

“You simply” she said “can not understand
It’s something for which can ever be planned

“So please leave me be, just go away
All by myself I wish now to stay”

Thus from her then he did turn
But as of late he did sympathy learn

With her he did then try to connect
His story of woe he did then inject

He said “it’s true, I know not what`s happened to you
But I do know that feeling when there’s nothing to do

“I was created to help, to save all the gods
Well, it isn’t quite that, it’s somewhat more odd

“For their saviour, from me, at some point shall hatch
But there’s one little issue, one little catch

“All me he’ll, all that I’ve done
All that I’ve lost, all that I’ve won

“Clio will change, for him she does long
“Herakles” they sing, of Alceides no song

“About all this, I need to know more
Need to know what he’ll change from before

“So now I will learn if I did it at all
Or simple did the future forstall”

But she didn’t respond, continued to brood
He left her there then, her wish understood

He went to the path, left her alone
While she did a despondently moan

For her future now she could not comprehend
How after this it all she had come to end

Spent, drained, unable to cry
She lacked even the will to now wonder why

But after a while did Aceides come back
Emotions at all his face did then lack

Her he’d not spare even a glance
He walked right past, as though in a trance

Before he was gone the silence she broke
When to him she languidly spoke

“I see she too let your heart sink
Our story’s the same, or so I do think

“All I wished was to lead a good life
To have a good husband, be a good wife

“But something did stop would not let it be
I had been chained, I no longer was free

“Medea I am – to Hekate loyal
But it seems my life that goddess will spoil

“She may be evil but I’m sure that I’m good
So my own acts were not understood

“For many bad things in my past I have done
Yes it is true, I am that one

“But they’re in a haze, each distant event
From others I learned how they all went

“Over these actions I had no control
And on those around they took a great toll

“So, at last, I asked for some help
Fate was the sea, I was the kelp

“But what the sibyl had said I couldn’t believe
I thought that my senses did me deceive

“She said to the gods I now am a saint
But soon will I carry Hekate’s taint

“For all of those horrors, those terrible deeds
Far in her future she’d in me lay the seeds

“All of those things that will make them aghast
Were in the gods’ future – in my own past

“For when I am tainted I will join in their time
So it seems I’ve yet done any crime”

At her Aleides did turn and then stare
Clearly they did the same burden bare

So he wouldn’t retreat, would not run and hide
He went then to her and sat down beside

“My news” he said “is nearly the same
I’ve lost all the hope with which here I came

“I’d thought Herakles would history deform
But instead, he will all it inform

“All that I’ve done in no way will stay
He’ll erase me whole life, rewrite every day

“And since us two are one and the same
The thoughts of the gods, he also will maim

“For humans and gods, my past he’ll erase
Of me, there will not be a trace

“We are two sides of the very same door
I will be gone and you’ll be before”

“I guess” she said “all we can do
Is follow what now we know to be true

“For ourselves we must live our each day
For we are doomed in no way to stay”

At that moment through a threshold they passed
For a new god had come, and the die had been cast

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