Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XVIIII

Of the end and the start
In which I took part
Of their bold proclamation
Which challenged my station
Of all their conversion
And their desertion
Of how their lord they put into chains
Thinking it would end all their pains
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
That usurper, in this, you always leave out
And, no, I don’t mean to pout
But, still, it seems so silly to miss
If I didn’t correct, I would be remiss
So I shall sing of what Janus did do
And how them you all did act through

The Arrival Of Janus How I Wish I Did Plan This

Before I him to you introduce
I’ll show how I did her produce

For it seems I repeated my father’s mistake
In cautions, prudent, I didn’t partake

As the orchids of Sky Kronos had tossed
Too, I, Clymene’s had lost

That godly gestation, it happened again
Same as before, same as back then

For whipped up around was a pile of foam
While for years the sea they did roam

Though this time instead of a wondrous beauty
‘Twas one for whom, transition was duty

The future he saw as well as before
For she was the arch, the gateway, the door

Forward his face always did look
Hers behind, it no past mistook

But their body – no one could tell
Were they man, woman, or did both in there dwell

For his father’s features had left their own trace
So all genders, her body did grace

And if you looked deep in his eyes
You’d see how she does me despise

For as he was made of my own brutal cut
On my misery she must herself glut

But as the future he could easily see
She knew that Earth would not let her free

And while he longed for my power to fall
She’d no wish for the end of us all

Of the giants he knew, he knew of their threat
She thought of a plan – she’d her way get

Thus to Olympos he went on his way
Hoping my rule to now put a stay

And when he appeared my kin did him crowd
She opened her mouths, spoke clear and loud

“My friends” he said “I hope you all know
That this king, this tyrant, he just has to go

“He’s done so many terrible things
Upon himself he clearly this brings

“So many he has in some way done harm
And those that he hasn’t, do you fall for his charm?

“Even his friends he in the end does betray
Do you think to you, loyal he’ll stay?

“Do you think there’s a promise he never will break?
Do you think your trust isn’t mistake?

“If together we stand he has no hope to win
Or will with him you stay? ignore all his sin?”

Her speech now finished all them did cheer
All were excited, did at me jeer

All them that is, all them save one
But Athene could see my cause was now done

So she didn’t object, she just stood aside
Didn’t stand and fall then with pride

So when they all did over me swarm
`Twasn’t long till down I’d been worn

Ares, my brothers, those three held me down
But the faces of Janus both wore a frown

“It” she said “occurs now to me
That something we need which he can’t himself free

“All of you must be thinking the same
One of you must have the thing to him tame”

But as he does well all future see
She knew the solution, what it would be

His gaze, it moved to Hera, my wife
She’d be the one to ruin my life

For Hephaestus’s gift was what they did need
To ensure that I would never be freed

For he gave to her the most powerful chain
Hoping in time I could share in her pain

So them she fetched, each mighty link
Of no escape was I able to think

As they did lock, made me of movement bereft
I used the one weapon I had to me left

“You fools!” I screamed “do you not care at all?
That Earth and Prometheus both plan our fall

“I know, of this, a secret I’ve kept
That for my acts many have wept

“But an army of giants they soon will release
And we can not afford to our forces decrease”

But the face on his back did at me smile
As the front faced the others, showing her guile

“Don’t worry,” he said “we’re destined to win
While with us we have his greatest of kin

“We shall scour the world, find great Herakles
To our victory shall he be the keys

“But first! before we take up this task
Let him in his own evil bask

“Let us take him to his last horrid act
And impress ‘pon him the truth of this fact”

So then that mob of my jibbering kin
Carried me off in calamitous din

They took me to where Hera I hung
That place where before Hephaestus I flung

They left me there as I’d done then to her
While in the Earth the giants did stir

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