Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XXIII

Of the action last
To atone for my past
Of they I made she
And what they would be
Of learning self love and respect
Which I before for them had just wrecked
Of Apollo as always being a prick
Though dishonour to him never does stick
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
One major player not yet to be
For the timeline of gods’ wanders so free
So only his start and very last tale
Shall I now sing in this here portrayal

Oh Their Son Midas His Honour Does Pride Us

There was only one left – I was now nearly done
It soon would be over, they day would be won

But still was I nervous, in a most dreadful state
For I knew not the salve – how my kin’s hate to sate

They wished me to fix what all them would do
And surely will punish if I don’t see it through

I may have been wicked but I don’t this deserve
‘Tis what they all wanted, they just lacked the nerve

Fie on them all! I can’t make it right
It’s just once again far from my might

Their feelings, their words they’re all hypocritical
But I have learned by now that they’re not analytical

For Callisto did teach me – I just shouldn’t care
Ignore their commands, be they good or unfair

I must be concerned with those I did wrong
It’s only with them that my thoughts do belong

And while I could never change what I’d done
If ever I could I’d not for this one

For such actions, not only, were beyond all my power
At such an event my family would glower

For though none of them would to such thoughts admit
If I’d left her as them, they’d have all throw a fit

So again on them fie! I’ll try to be better
Ignore what they wish – let no word be fetter

To Cybele I went – she did lament what she lost
But it had to be done, it was too high a cost

But I needn’t them ask, I knew by their state
To Cybele I must give one to relate

For I was mistaken, they’d not become she
They always would be whoever they be

But I still must be subtle, I mustn’t step out
To keep from Apollo, that damned little lout

A Phrygian king I must introduce
And together they would a great heir produce

But this wasn’t the reason they had to then meet
But rather for them to get back on their feet

For when I them cut they felt no longer themself
But he could them help – that man of great wealth

For when in the end, they Gordius saw
They beauty did see – in what many call flaw

His skin looked as though it had never seen sun
His hair was long flowing, strands many and one

Of the ladies he wore the finery of court
He was covered with jewels, of each every sort

He was gorgeous, splendid, and radiant
Showing the charms of feminine gradient

Observing then his glorious form
Themself they remembered and passion did storm

They marched right to him as to wife who’s prepared
Put their arm round his waist, pulled close and declared

“Gordius my dear, my pretty and sweet
Those gods of Olympos I near let me defeat

“They tried to reduce all that I am
Tried to leave me naught but a lamb

“But your beauty, your ways, your confidence strong
Do remind me of where I truly belong

“I’ll not let them dictate what I shall be
I’ll smash all their chains, myself I will free

“They can steal all my power, set my domain
But I am still me, I’m always the same

“And so my dear king you shall ever me laud
For tonight I will take you, be your goddess and god”

While some wish to not with gods lay
He wasn’t one, it would not be today

So by the eye of Selene, Aphrodite did work
For hours ‘pon hours both carnal, bezerk

Even Cybele in the end had been worn
Again they were happy, no longer forlorn

And along with their joy something else grew
For there was a result of what they did do

They soon had a son – Midas by name
And he, in time, a great king became

But none of this helped me in the eyes of my peers
It had done nothing to allay all of their fears

That happened later by a roll of the dice
It did not to them matter that I’d tried to be nice

For Midas was brothers with the pastoral god Pan
And what with them happened no one did plan

They were together as Pan played on his pipe
When Apollo came by, soul rotten as tripe

‘Tis true that my son surely is gifted
And by his sweet music all spirits are lifted

Thus he does feel that he has claim on this craft
At the music of others he chortled and laughed

“Oh you goat Pan” he said, bursting with mirth
“Can you now prove your musical worth?

“Let us contest – see who is best
See who has claim on all of the rest”

But Pan, he is joyous – did not take it to heart
And he in this farce did willing take part

But it’s simply too bad for as the two of them played
It was clear by whom the others were swayed

The winds and the satyrs, all dryads around
Clearly preferred Apollo’s sweet sound

But Midas ignored, he praised his own brother
He wouldn’t be swayed by the strings of another

Apollo though, he holds everything dear
So a reprisal from him was Midas’s fear

Do you have ears?” Apollo did bellow
“I think not! my uncultured fellow

“They are clearly too small to hear every note
Right by your head my music does float

“So now I will grant you a very great boon
Again this mistake, you won’t make it soon”

Midas’s head then it started to change
Twisted to something bestial, strange

His human ears were not on his head
Those of an ass crowned it instead

All the gods balked, shocked and incredulous
This seemed extreme for familial prejudice

But in time a voice arose from the crowd
“This does make sense for Apollo is proud

“And I suppose if Apollo can do such a thing
We can’t against Zeus our own judgment bring

“For Apollo is the most noble and bold
‘Gainst those who are lesser we can’t a grudge hold”

So there we have it my most loyal listener
What saved me was another act sinister

For none would accept, none would admit
That my son isn’t perfect, even a bit

So now that I knew my position secure
Out from Alceides, I would Herakles lure

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