Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XXVI

Of my son’s rise to power
At our most joyous hour
Of his growing desire
For his star to be higher
Of they that he killed
For with arrow’s he’s skilled
Of how now the future he could all of it see
What people would choose; what they would be
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
I an eye on my son always keep
With him I can never let Vigilance sleep
For desirous is he of every domain
He will never be sated and wish stay the same
So let me this start and of his beginning now sing
Show how he will disaster us bring

Oh Now You’ll See My Son’s Prophecy

Oh we reveled and gloried as only gods can
But Apollo, he didn’t, for he had a plan

He loves adulation which for his actions he got
But he wished still for more so he set out in a plot

‘Tis true that the young did always him praise
But now too his elders fell into that craze

So sudden, although he had only one deed
All kudos they gave – his ego was freed

He always had felt that he was the best
But now he heard it from all of the rest

It was infection, his blood set alight
He itched ever more – his ambition was blight

Thus he did scheme – weaved webs of fate
To add to his own another god’s trait

For he had enjoyed his ridiculous plot
Providing Cadmus with the future he sought

And there was a serpent of primordial birth
Through which he could this power unearth

This creature, though well to us known
We didn’t engage, we left them alone

For they were detached and did not care to share
They knew what would happen but stayed in their lair

For I see changes when someone does choose
They see the option that each one will use

And this is the knowledge he wished for  his own
So he set out to Delphi, to old Python’s home

He wandered the rocks and the craigs of the mount
He searched for that snake, of wisdom that fount

Then them he found and drew out his bow
Ready to strike that soothsayer low

But ‘fore he was able to dread arrow notch
He saw Python’s eyes and knew they did watch

He was frozen with fear for he thought them asleep
Advantage one can’t ‘gainst clairvoyant foe keep

Python however, did not leap or lunge
They took no such action to intruder expunge

All that they did was lazily move
Up to Apollo – did with sigh disapprove

“I know why you’re here” they said with a hiss
“And I know that your arrows are not going to miss

“I know that my life you’ll now put to an end
Despite that, fiercely, my home I’ll defend

“I know that you think that you’ll my knowledge now use
But it’ll be useless, you can’t it abuse

“You won’t find a branch for time doesn’t flow
What people will do is all that you’ll know

“So too shall you do nothing to change
Any ill fortune – though it seem strange

“This knowledge does taunt; does sadistically tease
I can no one conceive whom’d prescience please

“But still I’ll defend my home and my life
I’m no sacrifice to lay down for your knife”

Only then at Apollo Python did bite
But he acted on instinct and on swift foot took flight

In the middle of stride he let a wild shot loose
But it still hit its mark for he’s best with its use

From Python’s eye the feathered flight stuck
And at all things around madly they struck

So swiftly debris Apollo did doge
As the second shot arrow did the other eye lodge

But as soon as they lost all of their sight
Python calmed down wih no will to fight

They then curled up as though for a rest
But Apollo did think this some sort of test

Thus with caution did he approach
But then Python my son did reproach

And as they declared all that would be
Apollo did grin with unsettling glee

“My body will rot but will my spirit remain
Given new life by torrential flood rain

“But you my disgusting arrogant prick
You will never resist any damned trick

“Oh sure they will laude your each every deed
Praise your perfection, ignore all your greed

“You will ‘gain all the power you ever shall seek
While all the while you make your kin weak

“For though with the water my spirit will rise
Your actions with fire all should despise

“But you – oh you! – will still look the best
But you will loose all of the rest

“Your spirit will rot right down to the core
What you’ll become you now would abhor”

“For you and I are the other’s antithesis
Have opposite action – opposite stimulus

Apollo was finished put a shaft in their head
And thus gained their gift when he left them for dead

But Python can’t see into one’s heart|
And wrongly assumed it would tear him apart

Even if never he could his own future alter
Fate he’d see no reason to halt her

For simply expanding his power’s purview
Would grant him prestige though of honour in lieu

And for those hurt, he often not cared
For his empathy was ever and always impaired

Thus all of those deeds they thought he’d revile
Instead just caused him to cackle and smile

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