Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XXVII

Of another new god
Whom the thief’s do laude
Of his wits and his guile
All done with a smile
Of how he Apollo did cross
But in the end it wasn’t a loss
Of how to Olympos him I did raise
Where the best of the gods spend all of their days
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
He is my son so I’ll tell the tale
Of how his crime did him unveil
His nature carefree and testing of bounds
How any restriction he’ll dance all around
Now I’ll get to the point and no longer shall prattle
And sing how he stole all of those cattle

The Son Of Pleiades Who Escorts Men To Hades

All though Apollo was gone a whole week
We never did worry – did never him seek

Our jubilant joy was too great to end
And we knew that he could for himself fend

To this grand celebration all our our kin came
Including all those with unrecognized name

For we made merry for the sake of us all
‘Cause to the giants we gods didn’t fall

And as it does happen we freely did fuck
All were so open, to privacy none snuck

We threw off all shackles – thought nothing taboo
No one was judged for what they did do

For here, for now, freedom was all
For from our station we nearly did fall

So many young gods on that day were conceived
When to Desire at the party we kneed

Aphrodite and Ares did three kids create
For Cupid’s arrow did drive them to mate

Deimos and Phobos the two twins of fear
Harmonia too, who to balance will stear

With Maia that pleiad did I then lay
So too a son we did make on that day

But even joy’s flames have to burn low
So back to our homes each us did go

And Maia was always a bit of a hermit
Solitude, it seemed, she truly did yearn it

Thus when ‘twas time to bear our new son
To her aid no one did come

Even my wife did not her assist
(Although it this case she’d hardly insist)

For simply put – none of us knew!
So there was nothing at all that any could do

So she soon swaddled Hermes our newly born son
Unknowing the transgressor he yet would become

For almost immediate he escaped from his crib
And in all his actions he ever was glib

So without second though he decided to try
To steal the first cattle he ever did spy

But surely with heard he’d be easy to track
But skill with deception he sure didn’t lack

So thus he snuck of to a village nearby
And moved as a shadow – he’s ever so sly

Without being noticed he stole every shoe
And with them no one could guess what he’d do

He fit every one onto every cows foot
So no hoof would print in dirt grass or soot

And thustly he lead them back to his home
Into his cave so they wouldn’t there roam

Two he then slaughtered and ate them right up
And later he planned on the others to sup

But first he left to return to his mother
But along the way he did a tortoise uncover

It was eating some grass, hidden in shade
And a thought struck Hermes on what could be made

He then killed the creature and hollowed it out
As Apollo did at his missing heard shout

So as Hermes was creating the very first lyre
Apollo was lit with deep vengeful fire

But the plan of his brother did work very well
And where they had gone could Apollo not tell

At the village he decided to look
And ask all the people whose shoes Hermes took

But they didn`t know where the cattle did go
Though they searched for the thief both high and low

And though Hermes’ act Apollo true knew
He didn’t then act for ‘twas not what he’d do

Instead he prepared a ritual grand
Which allowed him to see what his brother had planned

For though he knew that Hermes did mock
He needed the rites to that knowledge unlock

So now that he knew what he had already known
He set off to Cyllene to make Hermes atone

But when he arrived Hermes did claim
That it hadn’t been him – ‘gainst the truth he did strain

He said that the flock was already there
That no hoof he led to his lair

His deceptions, this time, they wouldn`t him aid
He pushed too far and a price would be paid

But as Apollo considered what punishment best
He saw Hermes’ lyre where it did rest

“What’s this?” he asked when he did it regard
“A new addition to the tools of the bard?

“Such a contraption I never have seen
It’s clearly just made for its condition’s pristeen

“Perhaps my brother we two can trade
And with this lyre your debt will be paid”

Now Hermes, this offer, he took it at once
It was the easy way out and he wasn’t a dunce

If he and Apollo could part on a good term
For nothing else did he then yearn

Thus Apollo did expand his domain
And over music he tightened his reign

But I, from this, of Hermes took note
How he stole from Apollo yet didn’t get smote

And the fight with the giants one thing had proved
That our needs of commune need be improved

And Hermes, he, my newly born son
Showed a great herald he soon could become

For he was truly the swiftest of all
And boundaries him, they just didn’t stall

So boots staff and cap, I gave for his station
To let him fly faster o’er all of creation

And as he passed by all life below
A thought in my mind started to grow

For while we indeed the humans did rule
They, to us, were merely a tool

There was only one who the humans did steward
He whom I before on Ida had skewered

It was time perhaps to alter our way
And to the humans attention now pay

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