Hymnos Was A Rotten Man So Why Did We Accept His Plan?


Of people’s presumptions
Those bullshit assumptions
Of a stalker of lust
Who felt himself just
Of him devising his end
She who did obligingly send
Of the reaction that everyone had
Missing that ‘pon them it reflected so bad
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
We all accept the same broken view
Think that love should always win through
And oh! how you Aphrodite do raise
Even in tales with nothing to praise
So from my control you shan’t this tale wrest
As I show how love isn’t the best

Dr. Zeus Book II Canto XI

But not all deaths are a tragedy grand
Some are deserved – you understand –

At times for one’s safety you do what you must
And in of itself that is just just

But alas; mortals and gods do not always see
Thinking that love one should let be

And it’s men that they always excuse
When they others harass and abuse

But when a man is continually pressed
The issue then is addressed

But Nicaea was not that optioned allowed
Rebukes from women are often at scowled

A nymph was she, in Artemis’ vein
But she went even further ‘gainst feminine grain

For though too a hunter, a wild cast woman
Her own cohort’s graces – she did eschew them

She took no care in her hair or her skin
For into the forest, it helped her blend in

The only proof that she wasn’t a beast
Were the tools that she carried and rarely released

For she had no house where to them keep
And so tucked them away when she did sleep

But others there were living nearby
One day one did ‘pon her form spy

Hymnos was a shepherd who wandered the wood
And seeing her thought that he love understood

But he did not approach and try to converse
Or attempt at courtship with elegant verse

Instead he stalked; as though she were prey
As though it would convince her with him to stay

He neglected his flock – with her was obsessed
In singular focus his life was distressed

He seemed to be waiting – for he didn’t know what
And fell in a disgusting sickening rut

For all he did now was follow Nicaea
Worshipping her over every panthea

So he continued to follow his subject unwilling
For no way he found her movements of stilling

But after a time he came on a though
By stealing her net by him she’d be caught

For though she could move with nary a sound
By most astute prey she sometimes was found

For even when tracking with the utmost of care
The sound of her gear would show she was there

So when she did a dappled fawn spy
She did on the ground net and bow lie

For this was a prize that she wished not to risk
To strike it down soon, not after chase brisk

So quiet she went and followed her quarry
As Hymnos set course to an ending most gory

But with her tools he didn’t abscond
Rather he stayed to make her respond

So soon she returned – fawn over her shoulder
And with her now trapped Hymnos was bolder

“Oh maiden” he said “I see your beauty through grime
Though most men truly would give you no time

“Some might be offended by you skill at the hunt
In such jealous rage they’d call you a cunt

“But I – oh I – would not do such a thing!
To you I would only happiness bring

“I could take you down to where I reside
Dress you so well – bring out your pride

“Oh how much better with me you will live
You’re my everything – and my everything I give”

And there he stood, adoration expecting
And there she stood, his words unaccepting

For of course she knew that she could have this life
That any man would take her for wife

It was not as though she hadn’t a choice
She simply didn’t in such world rejoice

So while she stood awaiting her gear
Portentous blood dripped from the tip of her spear

He saw her look, her wish to leave
So for a future, impossible, then did he grieve

“Oh why?” he asked “why can’t you accept
How, pure love, could you reject?

“I would be kinder to simply me slaughter
Oh Cupid why can’t I just laude her?

“I offered to you all of myself
My spirit, my body, and even my wealth

“Oh I offered to you my very soul
On me you see you take such a toll?

“So if huntress is the one role you’ll play
I’ll happily be your prey for today”

And there he; his own chest exposed
Made plain clear what he proposed

So then with three options Nicaea was left
But it truly was one – she felt the spear’s heft

For the first was to truly surrender
To leave the forest was surely to end her

The second was a fundamental change of her role
Fleeing a hunter who’d her virtues extol

No – as she then raised her spear
There wasn’t a choice – it truly was clear

With a dispassionate throw she yielded to him
And satisfied what would be his very last whim

His heart was pierced for her aim was true
And clear through his chest her spear did pass through

So her possessions she gathered; leaving Hymnos behind
As a piece of fresh meat for some beast to find

And yet everyone still placed blame unto her
For the fact his “love” did no feelings stir

One might expect that some would accept
Especially those who virgins protect

But Artemis even was upset and annoyed
That Hymnos’s heart Nicaea destroyed

So even a goddess who should understand
Was freely accepting of what Hymnos had planed

It seems as though none truly are free
From such ways of thinking – though it never should be

For time after time the story’s the same
It’s the man who matters when a woman they claim

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