Book I

I – On The Knee Theogeny

II – Them We Owe More Than Most Know

III – The Hero Of The Geats Knew No Defeats

IIII – Those Aesir Readily Flock To Doom To Ruin To Ragnarock

V – The Creation Of Man Was The Start Of His Plan

VI – Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love Was Born Of The Sea, Not From Above

VII – The First Little Trick By That Bastard That Prick

VIII – On Cybele I Have No More To Say

VIIII – Ever So Sound Is Prometheus Bound

X – We’ll Be Saved, One Of These Days, By That Hero, That Alceides

XI – The First Of My Sins And The Birth Of My Twins

XII – With Many Alceides Did Lie To Create All Those Heracleidai

XIII – Europa And I, To Crete We Did Fly

XIIII – ‘Tis A Most Famous Tale When First Alceides Did Fail

XV – Bad It Was, I Do Insist Though, ‘Twas A mistake I made With Callisto

XVI – It Did Not My Son Please To Know Herakles

XVII – The Start Of It All Was My Dear Nephew’s Fall

XVIII – Her And My Son They Did Both Come Undone

XVIIII – The Arrival Of Janus How I Wish I Did Plan This

XX – Thanks To Thetis, Earth Shan’t Defeat Us

XXI – To Try To Correct I Mustn’t Protect

XXII – Oh All Of The Madness That Does Surround Cadmus

XXIII – Oh Their Son Midas His Honour Does Pride Us

XXIIII – We Did Wait With Baited Breath For My Son Alceides’ Death

XXV – ‘Twas By Way Of Giant That Earth Stood Defiant

XXVI – Oh Now You’ll See My Son’s Prophecy

XXVII – The Son of Pleiades Who Escorts Men To Hades

XXVIII – They Sang No Songs, These Men Of Bronze

XXVIIII – Prometheus Would Not Let Me See Through This

XXX – They’ll Have To Wait Those With Great Fate

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