Certainty Of Age Can Turn To A Cage



Of desire’s denial
For reason puerile
Of “moral” obsession
Perceived indiscretion
Of vanity unseen
On which artists preen
Of the existential horror that was her life
Brought into being to just be his wife
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
At best you tell it as some sort of joke
Ignoring how she’d been born to a yoke
You do not even give her a name
Not even statues are all called the same
So despite my ineptness it now falls to me
To give life to life given by Aphrodite

Dr. Zeus – Book IICanto XIII

In issues of love it’s not just the youth
Who’ll act silly, stupid, uncouth

Each stage of life has its own flaw
And to move mortals through them is nature’s law

And resentment and judgement ossify well
So on imagined immorals the elderly dwell

Such was the case for Pygmalion, that king
Though to his people he did fortune bring

But he thought that all women did impurely act
And that thus a spirit they clearly did lack

For there must be something, some inset flaw
To explain the rot in their morals he saw

For women should not explore their lust
But for men to do so is simply just

Pygmalion though cared for womanly curves
Nothing from them could make him swerve

He thus had no inkling to Apollo’s lead follow
He’d just leave those women to in their sin wallow

Their wanton action he’d let them enjoy
Let them alone to treat sex as a toy

But never would he himself degrade
By marrying a woman who a harlot was made

And as no woman remained pure and chaste
No woman ever that Cypriot chased

Since no woman he would take to bed
He focused upon sculpture instead

He poured all his lust into marble creation
For they could not commit self desecration

So wild in eye time after time
He found in the rock his form sublime

His perfect woman he eventually made
To caress, to touch her – how him she bade

She was exactly as a woman should be
Taunting in form with no agency

She could not try to taunt or to tease
It was all for him to look as he please

He didn’t her paint, left her pure white
He caressed her form every night

Soon he came to love his creation
Wished she were capable of insemination

So to that goddess of Lemnos he pleaded
To give him the woman he thought that he needed

And Aphrodite, my sister, enjoys a good joke
And he was a good target that stupid bloke

For through it she wished to show him his error
So that he would treat all women fairer

So life into that statue did she then breath
And over this choice all us should grieve

Prove that all humans did look for their pleasure
That that joy was their greatest treasure

That a women “unruined” still had desire
That passion was life’s innermost fire

But that newly born woman had memories of ‘fore
Knew the king’s thoughts, how he did her adore

So while Aphrodite wished for her to him distress
She couldn’t for she couldn’t her lust express

On women she’d heard him as he did rant
Knew that on them his opinions were scant

If he thought with life she’d be granted desire
He’d have smashed her instead – called stone a liar

For clearly it must be a trick of a god
To take his perfection and then make it flawed

And at that age he could not overcome
His bias, his prejudice, he had them become

So he would not act differently now
He viewed women as chattel, as livestock, as sow

If she didn’t live up to his expectation
She would be butchered, none knew her creation

She still was a secret, no debutante yet
On her life she just couldn’t bet

So she had to play what he saw as her part
Though, inside, it would tear her apart

She must be sweet, quiet, demure
Mustn’t try his excitement to lure

But when he returned and was by her inspired
She realized it wasn’t what he truly desired

For however he railed ‘gainst women impure
Of his attraction he wished to be sure

So she couldn’t just be and react under him
In the heat of the moment she must fill every whim

She could no interest show – as though any she had
In her common life – for that would be bad

Her desire must be as a loose thread
That he could pluck when he wished her in bed

And with it loose she must then unravel
‘Cross all depravity be willing to travel

For despite inexperience he must himself view
As the greatest of lovers that none could eschew

And this ruse she played well enough
He never caught on that ‘twas all a bluff

So to her he gave his lust narcissistic
For he just loved himself – he’s just that simplistic

To him she was of desire a vessel
With thoughts of her being he did not even wrestle

Never even did he give her a name
He thought her a tool and did treat her the same

But she gave to him children – he now had an heir
And he thought too her love – but ‘twas only despair

Thus as her body he too shaped her life
But not heart or mind which were always in strife

Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XVII

Of punishment just
For my perversion and lust
Of overreaction
And how I took action
Of how he did others bend to his will
By showing his skill was far greater still
Of how Aphrodite made it all right
Showing my weakness despite all my might
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This is one where you’ve been gentle to me
(Though I don’t understand how it ever could be)|
For this was the last, all it would take
For my rule, that binding, finally to break
So I shall sing of what I did do
How from Olympos Hephaestus I threw

The Start Of It All Was My Dear Nephew’s Fall

Hera, my wife, was starting to hate
How I did live – with others did mate

Before she accepted my each indiscretion
To save us from Earth, she’d made that concession

But up until now I’d still shown that I care
Though I philandered, home was still there

But what I now did she would never accept
Her image of me it did deeply affect

For once I’d shown my violence to her
It stuck in her mind as a deep mental burr

It scratched, it itched, did her irritate
Bringing back deeds both past and of late

All of my children to her came to mind
A thought, a plan, through this she did find

Powerful progeny I’d had on my own
I didn’t her need, had left her alone

So she decided, to me, she would do the same
And have a new child to solely her name

So without any man she created new life
Only to cause our marriage some strife

I was enraged – though not at all fair –
And thought what to do when her son she did bear

I thought of the cause that made her insult
An eternal reminder would be her result

I hung her in chains at Olympos’s top
Threatening her with another great drop

There she hung as her child did grow
Hephaestus his name, so he said so

For his mother, disgraced, couldn’t him name
And to us, to other’s, he never then came

A child – he played with every machine
Better with them than any had seen

A young man – he had his own forge
Metallurgical knowledge he’d readily gorge

All grown – he us gods amazed
We couldn’t believe onto what we had gazed

A trio of tripods for himself he did make
Of stone, metal, and the clay he did bake

They moved on their own, walked ‘round his shop
Carried things on their smooth flattened top

As well as their legs they had three pairs of hands
Each at the end of six coiled bands

They helped him there helped with his work
Whilst on his face was a satisfied smirk

I didn’t know then why this he wore
How his mother he still did adore

Despite that her he never had known
Never had been there while he had grown

Too he knew why he was made
But further he knew the price she had paid

As well that he, alone only he
He knew only he could his dear mother free

For while, absolute, of them was my rule
He was better with each craftsmen’s tool

As this was well know he did not try to hide
When to act he did finally decide

So casual, calm, completely blasé
He walked up to Hera and freed her one day

All us were shocked by what he had done
By the loyalty shown by Hera’s sole son

But this show did not placate my wrath
Into which he’d stepped firmly in path

“So” I bellowed “you think it enough?
You think me extreme and frankly too tough?

“As it was you who these actions did take
I believe I shall give Hera a break

“Instead of her I shall do unto you
That which I told her I later might do”

I grabbed him with ease, picked him right up
With my hand his face I did cup

But he didn’t resist, in no way did fight
Didn’t attempt to test my limits and might

And so I strolled to the horror of all
To the tallest peak from which he would fall

Down and down, he did tumble below
Far from our mountain him I did throw

On Lemnos, that island, he finally did land
But no longer, he found, he was able to stand

Though ‘twasn’t the women Aphrodite had cursed
But a nereid instead who there found him first

And for him Thetis did what she could
Though not Apollo her healings quite good

Thanks to her he would eventually hobble
But never he’d stand without a slight wobble

But even when he could walk on his own
For his actions he’d no wish to atone

Though for forgiveness he could now come and beg
He refused as I crippled his leg

But on Olympos machinations unfurled
In his forge machines bobbed and whirled

For his tripods he’s left some instructions
To ensure my station’s destruction

In secret they made wondrous gifts
And his stature they’d readily life

Once they did all them complete
Each who’d receive the tripods did greet

To Aphrodite they presented a girdle of gold
The most beautiful that would any behold

To each of my brothers, a gift of their station
To show which part they ruled of creation

Poseidon received a trident resplendent
To show that he was Ocean’s attendant

For Dis, as proof he ruled all the dead
He’d be unseen with this helm on his head

As well to my wife, his so beloved mother
But the nature of it she’d share with no other

Once the tripods had made all their rounds
They stopped, stood lifeless, no more made sounds

And suddenly ‘gainst me all my kin turned
For more gifts of his they selfishly yearned

They demanded that I go, beg him come back
Foresight and judgement they claimed I did lack

It was clear this issue they’d certainly force
Leaving me simply with no other choice

But when I went down, did plead his return
This offer he did immediately spurn

Again and again him I did ask
Even offered to do any task

But ‘twas clear to me, clear from the start
That in any discussion he wouldn’t take part

So defeated I went back to my home
My heart sat heavy, as though it were stone

For though Prometheus had tricked me before
This task was simple, it stung all the more

For once I feared for my power my seat
Though me and Athene could still them defeat

For if it was rule for which Hephaestus had yearned
He maybe could win if ‘gainst me all of them turned

But when I returned to Olympos above
I remembered there was no power greater than love

For despondent I had taken a longer way back
Allowed my sister to find the right track

For I returned at the end of a wedding
Between the master of craft and the mistress of bedding

For my promised success she had no sort of trust
And though instead he’d give into lust

For each gift was an insult to me
Clearly ‘twas why each of them be

Aphrodite’s though stood well apart
Her gift seemed true of the heart

So down to that island she’d gone once again
To that island lacking in men

Dressed in the girdle to Hephaestus she went
To see if it’s meaning was what she’d thought it’d meant

“Of crafty craftsman” she said ‘pon her approach
“Clearly your skills are beyond all reproach

“This girdle’s the best that I ever will see
But I wonder why you would make it for me”

With a coquettish grin and an eyebrow raised
Clearly she teased while Hephaestus she praised

But Hephaestus was smart and knew well her game
He wished to play too, though not quite the same

“I’m sure” he said “you already know
What ever some think, your mind isn’t slow

“You rule, after all, all love itself
You surely receive many presents of wealth

“You must know what it was for
Do you question all who adore?”

He turned to her, returned a sweet smile
Neither said anything for quite a long while

“Well,” she said “you wonders produce
But too did you stand up to Zeus

“What can I say? they’re an object of lust
All whom themselves wholly do trust

“And I do have ideas, for more than one
Of what you could make with which we’d have fun

“I know that you know I’m both love and lust
If you wish more than pleasure, you can not me trust”

At the ropes of the girdle which he did craft
He grabbed and pulled as she giggled and laughed

He pulled her in close, so close to him
Both breathing heavy, both full of vim

He said “no need to worry for while I wish you my wife
“I already know how you’d live your own life

“And I’m a craftsman thus get no greater joy
Than seeing an item or person their purpose employ”

Smiling and flushed they did deeply then kiss
Cupid’s arrow, it never does miss

Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto VI

Of a new goddess born
With the fullest of form
Of where she did land
Those who don’t understand
Of no honour given
To what they were driven
Of mens’ danger imminent
And death indiscriminate
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This is a tale some other beauty
Than that of art – that of your duty
And while men you inspire well
Of women’s form wish to tell
So now shall I sing of my best sisters birth
And the trouble for Lemnos it did unearth

Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love Was Born Of The Sea, Not From Above

Now that humans Prometheus made
We had a need to all of them bade

Easy did we fall into our roles
Each of us knew what were our goals

Ares, clearly, would teach them to fight
Athene instruct in Wisdom’s great might

I, as king, protect their power
Ensuring all had their allotted hour

And Hera – my beauty – my wonderful wife
Protected the ladies through motherhood’s strife

For stretched across time we saw that they’d come
And without their assistance man’d be undone

But we had no power to bring them together
None us gods were half enough clever

They seemed to always each other resist
They stayed on this course, did always persist

But our solution, it already had come
That day, she, already had won

For when father discarded the orbs of sky
He didn’t care to where they did fly

With his throw they landed in Ocean
And such great things this did set into motion

For while we travelled all over the world
‘Round the testes water had swirled

And whipped up around was a pile of foam
Which, the sea, for years did roam

At last it came to Lemnos’s shore
Revealing one whom we all do adore

For when the water whisked the bubbles away
It uncovered one whom with all wish to lay

Aphrodite there came into being
Her existence, their passion, seemed to be freeing

Soon they paired off as husband and wife
Seeking, each, to share their whole life

After a while Aphrodite did stir
Which wouldn’t leave things as they now were

For ‘round Lemnos she thought then to walk
And at her all men did unsubtlety gawk

But their wives disliked how they did act
They were lacking all sense – they were lacking all tact

So when Aphrodite divinity claimed
“A liar is she!” they as one exclaimed

For while their husbands were the ones in the wrong
That close to her – oh! love is too strong

They sought someone ‘pon whom to lay blame
Causing the disaster which then to them came

Aphrodite did punish with a beautiful smile
And cursed the women with a stench most vile

They tried and they tried – did repeatedly wash
But this repugnant scent they just couldn’t quash

Their men no longer could bring them to bed
Their passion, it seemed, was once again dead

But still they had Aphrodite’s desires
For that lust, that longing, it never expires

So sailing they went to the islands around
They brought back the women that they there found

Whether they wished to be there or not
All unwilling were dragged into their plot

But when the ladies of Lemnos saw what they had done
They decided death would to the men come

Before their captives they could forcibly bed
They sought out the men and made them all dead

The others, the victims, they sent on their way
They in Lemnos were not welcome to stay

One man, though, survived all the slaughter
For he was hidden by his most loyal daughter

For while he too at the goddess did gawk
To new women he did not with them flock

At Aphrodite he knew he must stare
But he knew ‘twas too their curse to bare

For the women, while punished, were no more to blame
Man and women, should suffer the same

For when we gods to mortals do go
Into their lives, chaos, we throw

His child, Hypsipyle, for what she had done
The grandest of prizes was about to have won

For in epiphany Aphrodite appeared
And by the women she greatly was feared

But a hand she raised and gestured for calm
And her words were soft and soothed as a balm

“Dear ladies” she said “I do not you blame
In your position I would sure do the same

“Your husbands, your men, they went the wrong way
With you through all they’re intended to stay

“They acted improper – horrid and bad
I can see why their deaths have made you all glad

“But one man was good, and you almost him killed
For your rage was unbridled and couldn’t be stilled

“And if you had I’d have no further curse
For your men, well, it’s hard to be worse

“But one you alone rose ‘bove all the rest
Proved herself to be truly the best

“Hypsipyle henceforth will all of you lead
And through her I’ll give what you all need”

Her proclaiming now done she returned to the sky
She was more than our equal – she did not have to try

So one more our ranks grew then in number
In time to take rites atop of burn lumber