Certainty Of Age Can Turn To A Cage



Of desire’s denial
For reason puerile
Of “moral” obsession
Perceived indiscretion
Of vanity unseen
On which artists preen
Of the existential horror that was her life
Brought into being to just be his wife
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
At best you tell it as some sort of joke
Ignoring how she’d been born to a yoke
You do not even give her a name
Not even statues are all called the same
So despite my ineptness it now falls to me
To give life to life given by Aphrodite

Dr. Zeus – Book IICanto XIII

In issues of love it’s not just the youth
Who’ll act silly, stupid, uncouth

Each stage of life has its own flaw
And to move mortals through them is nature’s law

And resentment and judgement ossify well
So on imagined immorals the elderly dwell

Such was the case for Pygmalion, that king
Though to his people he did fortune bring

But he thought that all women did impurely act
And that thus a spirit they clearly did lack

For there must be something, some inset flaw
To explain the rot in their morals he saw

For women should not explore their lust
But for men to do so is simply just

Pygmalion though cared for womanly curves
Nothing from them could make him swerve

He thus had no inkling to Apollo’s lead follow
He’d just leave those women to in their sin wallow

Their wanton action he’d let them enjoy
Let them alone to treat sex as a toy

But never would he himself degrade
By marrying a woman who a harlot was made

And as no woman remained pure and chaste
No woman ever that Cypriot chased

Since no woman he would take to bed
He focused upon sculpture instead

He poured all his lust into marble creation
For they could not commit self desecration

So wild in eye time after time
He found in the rock his form sublime

His perfect woman he eventually made
To caress, to touch her – how him she bade

She was exactly as a woman should be
Taunting in form with no agency

She could not try to taunt or to tease
It was all for him to look as he please

He didn’t her paint, left her pure white
He caressed her form every night

Soon he came to love his creation
Wished she were capable of insemination

So to that goddess of Lemnos he pleaded
To give him the woman he thought that he needed

And Aphrodite, my sister, enjoys a good joke
And he was a good target that stupid bloke

For through it she wished to show him his error
So that he would treat all women fairer

So life into that statue did she then breath
And over this choice all us should grieve

Prove that all humans did look for their pleasure
That that joy was their greatest treasure

That a women “unruined” still had desire
That passion was life’s innermost fire

But that newly born woman had memories of ‘fore
Knew the king’s thoughts, how he did her adore

So while Aphrodite wished for her to him distress
She couldn’t for she couldn’t her lust express

On women she’d heard him as he did rant
Knew that on them his opinions were scant

If he thought with life she’d be granted desire
He’d have smashed her instead – called stone a liar

For clearly it must be a trick of a god
To take his perfection and then make it flawed

And at that age he could not overcome
His bias, his prejudice, he had them become

So he would not act differently now
He viewed women as chattel, as livestock, as sow

If she didn’t live up to his expectation
She would be butchered, none knew her creation

She still was a secret, no debutante yet
On her life she just couldn’t bet

So she had to play what he saw as her part
Though, inside, it would tear her apart

She must be sweet, quiet, demure
Mustn’t try his excitement to lure

But when he returned and was by her inspired
She realized it wasn’t what he truly desired

For however he railed ‘gainst women impure
Of his attraction he wished to be sure

So she couldn’t just be and react under him
In the heat of the moment she must fill every whim

She could no interest show – as though any she had
In her common life – for that would be bad

Her desire must be as a loose thread
That he could pluck when he wished her in bed

And with it loose she must then unravel
‘Cross all depravity be willing to travel

For despite inexperience he must himself view
As the greatest of lovers that none could eschew

And this ruse she played well enough
He never caught on that ‘twas all a bluff

So to her he gave his lust narcissistic
For he just loved himself – he’s just that simplistic

To him she was of desire a vessel
With thoughts of her being he did not even wrestle

Never even did he give her a name
He thought her a tool and did treat her the same

But she gave to him children – he now had an heir
And he thought too her love – but ‘twas only despair

Thus as her body he too shaped her life
But not heart or mind which were always in strife

Youthful Desire Is Naught But A Pyre


Of love bittersweet
Inexorable defeat
Of fathers’ denial
Desires’ own trial
Of two lovers lacking in foresight
Who couldn’t wait even a fortnight
Of lioness who did their flight end
Thought ‘twas only cloth she did herself rend
– Oh halcyon Muses nine –
For your version I simply haven’t the time
There are so many ways for a tale to be dressed
Do you change to make them impressed?
Over and over their story you tell
Should people not know of this one as well?
So let me now sing and to all you impart
How those two did form each other depart

Dr. Zeus – Book II – Canto XII

Be it nature or nurture we must ourselves be
From that one chain we’ll never be free

As it should be – for if ever we were
We could not exist – of this I am sure

Thus the horrid are horrid, the gentle are kind
As by our actions we are defined

Hence why those who with love are infected
Are often in action a bit misdirected

For the young and the rash are so simply caught
Practically praying to by Cupid be shot

There are two mortals who exemplify well
This simple message of which I now tell

Pyramus and Thisbe did in Babylon live
And to one other did their hearts give

But despite, or because, their neighbourly status
Their fathers did hate – malice gave gratis

So though they knew how their children did feel
They never would let them explore their love real

In fact they were from all contact banned
For if they were ‘lowed, escape they’d have planned

For their fathers, though asses, remembered well youth
And knew emotion and hope seemed to say sooth

And it seemed in the end they were not wrong at all
As soon was proven by a crack in the wall

For their houses adjoined upon one another
And that little fault they’d have yet to discover

By chance Pyramus as he did lie and lament
Heard Thisbe cry that her heart had been rent

He ventured response and they then discovered
That they could talk and still stay uncovered

This new little secret did them console
That that they kept between them and the hole

But alas in love we always want more
And thus in time this connection did bore

It became nothing but a painful reminder
That the Joy of marriage; they never would find her

Thus together they did wallow in grief
They’d get no relief – it was their belief

But as they mourned themselves day after day
They slowly did realize they could just run away

And thus did prove that their fathers were right
Though it might not have happened if not for grip tight

So using their secret hole in the wall
They discussed how they would flee from it all

They knew that they’d meet at a mulberry tree
By the tomb of Ninus – there they’d be free

But that was it – that was all!
No other details had they to recall

To where would they run? they did not truly know
They thought love would save them, wherever they go

They knew not even at what time of day
Together they’d leave – so excited were they

For they were, in truth, both children still
And thus they must a child’s roll fill

They had not the age, the wisdom of year
To see their own folly – though it was clear

So off one day those two did slink
Without provisions – they just didn’t think!

Thisbe was the first to arrive
For of freedom at night they did her deprive

As at that time the men are…“brusk
So she arrived closer to dusk

But that is the time when predator’s stalk
Though youth, ‘gainst caution, does ever balk

And as she did wait, awaiting love’s thrill
A lioness did wander over the hill

Seeing it there, mouth covered in gore
She ran for a cave, leaving the shawl that she wore

But the creature had already been sated
So by prey young and weak she wasn’t then baited

But despite its great size a cat’s still a cat
And fluttering cloth, well, they do love that

So with vim and vigor, exuberant glee
It played with her shawl by the mulberry tree

And soon she had torn it to shreds
Blood staining it all of the reds

But the lioness soon grew bored of her game
And thus wandered off, just as it came

‘Though ‘fore Thisbe came out of her hiding
Pyramus, excited, came up the hill striding

But once he was there his face did fall
For stuck on that tree he did see her shawl

And as to assumption youth always does leap
From running wild he could not his mind keep

‘Though there was no body nor blood on the grass
He thought for sure he’d lost his young lass

So deep in despair – his mind resolute
He sat with the shawl at the mulberry root

To make sure she was dead, he did not even check
He drew out his dagger and then ‘cross his neck

His arterial spray shot up to the sky
As he gurgled and sputtered but didn’t yet die

But as this folly he did then commit
Thisbe came out – for she’d waited a bit

And looking around she didn’t then see
Ninus’s tomb or the mulberry tree

She had not know the length of her flight
It had been lost in her desperate fright

So she wandered along hoping to find
The tree or the tomb she had left behind

Soon she saw branches cresting a hill
But with fruit the wrong colour – she must wander still

Although – was that Pyramus’s arm?
Did he too run from that harm?

But as she approached she saw him more clear
And her horror grew the more she drew near

It was the right tree she did see at last
The berrys were coloured by his bloody blast

Kneeling before him and clasping his hand
She saw her shawl and did understand

Feeling her touch he opened his eyes
And seeing the truth the truth did dispise

He burbled and choked on the last of his life
And died in the arms of whom’d not be his wife

“Gods please” she asked in broken voice meek
“Please grant me that which I seek

“Let the mulberry keep its new shade
Showing how us love has betrayed”

She then took his dagger – cut into her heart
And thus there their flight ended before it could start

But Cupid was not the cause of it all
He was removed from this lover’s squall

He did cause their love but did not cause their end
Youth, immaturity, to their doom did them send

Hymnos Was A Rotten Man So Why Did We Accept His Plan?


Of people’s presumptions
Those bullshit assumptions
Of a stalker of lust
Who felt himself just
Of him devising his end
She who did obligingly send
Of the reaction that everyone had
Missing that ‘pon them it reflected so bad
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
We all accept the same broken view
Think that love should always win through
And oh! how you Aphrodite do raise
Even in tales with nothing to praise
So from my control you shan’t this tale wrest
As I show how love isn’t the best

Dr. Zeus Book II Canto XI

But not all deaths are a tragedy grand
Some are deserved – you understand –

At times for one’s safety you do what you must
And in of itself that is just just

But alas; mortals and gods do not always see
Thinking that love one should let be

And it’s men that they always excuse
When they others harass and abuse

But when a man is continually pressed
The issue then is addressed

But Nicaea was not that optioned allowed
Rebukes from women are often at scowled

A nymph was she, in Artemis’ vein
But she went even further ‘gainst feminine grain

For though too a hunter, a wild cast woman
Her own cohort’s graces – she did eschew them

She took no care in her hair or her skin
For into the forest, it helped her blend in

The only proof that she wasn’t a beast
Were the tools that she carried and rarely released

For she had no house where to them keep
And so tucked them away when she did sleep

But others there were living nearby
One day one did ‘pon her form spy

Hymnos was a shepherd who wandered the wood
And seeing her thought that he love understood

But he did not approach and try to converse
Or attempt at courtship with elegant verse

Instead he stalked; as though she were prey
As though it would convince her with him to stay

He neglected his flock – with her was obsessed
In singular focus his life was distressed

He seemed to be waiting – for he didn’t know what
And fell in a disgusting sickening rut

For all he did now was follow Nicaea
Worshipping her over every panthea

So he continued to follow his subject unwilling
For no way he found her movements of stilling

But after a time he came on a though
By stealing her net by him she’d be caught

For though she could move with nary a sound
By most astute prey she sometimes was found

For even when tracking with the utmost of care
The sound of her gear would show she was there

So when she did a dappled fawn spy
She did on the ground net and bow lie

For this was a prize that she wished not to risk
To strike it down soon, not after chase brisk

So quiet she went and followed her quarry
As Hymnos set course to an ending most gory

But with her tools he didn’t abscond
Rather he stayed to make her respond

So soon she returned – fawn over her shoulder
And with her now trapped Hymnos was bolder

“Oh maiden” he said “I see your beauty through grime
Though most men truly would give you no time

“Some might be offended by you skill at the hunt
In such jealous rage they’d call you a cunt

“But I – oh I – would not do such a thing!
To you I would only happiness bring

“I could take you down to where I reside
Dress you so well – bring out your pride

“Oh how much better with me you will live
You’re my everything – and my everything I give”

And there he stood, adoration expecting
And there she stood, his words unaccepting

For of course she knew that she could have this life
That any man would take her for wife

It was not as though she hadn’t a choice
She simply didn’t in such world rejoice

So while she stood awaiting her gear
Portentous blood dripped from the tip of her spear

He saw her look, her wish to leave
So for a future, impossible, then did he grieve

“Oh why?” he asked “why can’t you accept
How, pure love, could you reject?

“I would be kinder to simply me slaughter
Oh Cupid why can’t I just laude her?

“I offered to you all of myself
My spirit, my body, and even my wealth

“Oh I offered to you my very soul
On me you see you take such a toll?

“So if huntress is the one role you’ll play
I’ll happily be your prey for today”

And there he; his own chest exposed
Made plain clear what he proposed

So then with three options Nicaea was left
But it truly was one – she felt the spear’s heft

For the first was to truly surrender
To leave the forest was surely to end her

The second was a fundamental change of her role
Fleeing a hunter who’d her virtues extol

No – as she then raised her spear
There wasn’t a choice – it truly was clear

With a dispassionate throw she yielded to him
And satisfied what would be his very last whim

His heart was pierced for her aim was true
And clear through his chest her spear did pass through

So her possessions she gathered; leaving Hymnos behind
As a piece of fresh meat for some beast to find

And yet everyone still placed blame unto her
For the fact his “love” did no feelings stir

One might expect that some would accept
Especially those who virgins protect

But Artemis even was upset and annoyed
That Hymnos’s heart Nicaea destroyed

So even a goddess who should understand
Was freely accepting of what Hymnos had planed

It seems as though none truly are free
From such ways of thinking – though it never should be

For time after time the story’s the same
It’s the man who matters when a woman they claim