Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XXVI

Of my son’s rise to power
At our most joyous hour
Of his growing desire
For his star to be higher
Of they that he killed
For with arrow’s he’s skilled
Of how now the future he could all of it see
What people would choose; what they would be
-Oh halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
I an eye on my son always keep
With him I can never let Vigilance sleep
For desirous is he of every domain
He will never be sated and wish stay the same
So let me this start and of his beginning now sing
Show how he will disaster us bring

Oh Now You’ll See My Son’s Prophecy

Oh we reveled and gloried as only gods can
But Apollo, he didn’t, for he had a plan

He loves adulation which for his actions he got
But he wished still for more so he set out in a plot

‘Tis true that the young did always him praise
But now too his elders fell into that craze

So sudden, although he had only one deed
All kudos they gave – his ego was freed

He always had felt that he was the best
But now he heard it from all of the rest

It was infection, his blood set alight
He itched ever more – his ambition was blight

Thus he did scheme – weaved webs of fate
To add to his own another god’s trait

For he had enjoyed his ridiculous plot
Providing Cadmus with the future he sought

And there was a serpent of primordial birth
Through which he could this power unearth

This creature, though well to us known
We didn’t engage, we left them alone

For they were detached and did not care to share
They knew what would happen but stayed in their lair

For I see changes when someone does choose
They see the option that each one will use

And this is the knowledge he wished for  his own
So he set out to Delphi, to old Python’s home

He wandered the rocks and the craigs of the mount
He searched for that snake, of wisdom that fount

Then them he found and drew out his bow
Ready to strike that soothsayer low

But ‘fore he was able to dread arrow notch
He saw Python’s eyes and knew they did watch

He was frozen with fear for he thought them asleep
Advantage one can’t ‘gainst clairvoyant foe keep

Python however, did not leap or lunge
They took no such action to intruder expunge

All that they did was lazily move
Up to Apollo – did with sigh disapprove

“I know why you’re here” they said with a hiss
“And I know that your arrows are not going to miss

“I know that my life you’ll now put to an end
Despite that, fiercely, my home I’ll defend

“I know that you think that you’ll my knowledge now use
But it’ll be useless, you can’t it abuse

“You won’t find a branch for time doesn’t flow
What people will do is all that you’ll know

“So too shall you do nothing to change
Any ill fortune – though it seem strange

“This knowledge does taunt; does sadistically tease
I can no one conceive whom’d prescience please

“But still I’ll defend my home and my life
I’m no sacrifice to lay down for your knife”

Only then at Apollo Python did bite
But he acted on instinct and on swift foot took flight

In the middle of stride he let a wild shot loose
But it still hit its mark for he’s best with its use

From Python’s eye the feathered flight stuck
And at all things around madly they struck

So swiftly debris Apollo did doge
As the second shot arrow did the other eye lodge

But as soon as they lost all of their sight
Python calmed down wih no will to fight

They then curled up as though for a rest
But Apollo did think this some sort of test

Thus with caution did he approach
But then Python my son did reproach

And as they declared all that would be
Apollo did grin with unsettling glee

“My body will rot but will my spirit remain
Given new life by torrential flood rain

“But you my disgusting arrogant prick
You will never resist any damned trick

“Oh sure they will laude your each every deed
Praise your perfection, ignore all your greed

“You will ‘gain all the power you ever shall seek
While all the while you make your kin weak

“For though with the water my spirit will rise
Your actions with fire all should despise

“But you – oh you! – will still look the best
But you will loose all of the rest

“Your spirit will rot right down to the core
What you’ll become you now would abhor”

“For you and I are the other’s antithesis
Have opposite action – opposite stimulus

Apollo was finished put a shaft in their head
And thus gained their gift when he left them for dead

But Python can’t see into one’s heart|
And wrongly assumed it would tear him apart

Even if never he could his own future alter
Fate he’d see no reason to halt her

For simply expanding his power’s purview
Would grant him prestige though of honour in lieu

And for those hurt, he often not cared
For his empathy was ever and always impaired

Thus all of those deeds they thought he’d revile
Instead just caused him to cackle and smile

Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto XX

Of how they did try
To without me get by
Of who it should be
How they couldn’t agree
Of their lack of a leader
Which to Olympos did lead her
Of her wisdom and glory
In telling my story
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
Once more as before you’ll ignore the whole truth
That this was all for the actions uncouth
You’d act as though they didn’t me need
As though kindness alone let me be freed
So now shall I sing and this story correct
And tell how one did all us protect

Thanks To Thetis, Earth Shan’t Defeat Us

There was young nymph who dwelt on the Earth
One destined to the fiercest man birth

But this matronly fate had yet to be set
No child as now was she sure to beget

She was simply the most gentle and kind
No sweeter heart would ever you find

Thetis, you see, care ‘lone for her flock
Those men of gold who did the world walk

But those on the Earth knew not of our state
How Olympians did each other now hate

Though after a time she saw something was odd
No longer could men commune with a god

But they still didn’t falter, they maintained their
For they’d yet to have fire to turn o’er their leaf

So she decided to look, to see what was wrong
Why we didn’t respond to feast or to song

But when at Olympos was she wholly confused
With discord and chaos had our home been infused

For several attempted to seize ‘pon my fall
Together, it seemed, we weren’t then at all

In the landscape itself one could see the divide
One could see where loyalties lied

They’d settled in camps as though it were war
This state of affairs she at once did abhor

But soon did she yield to great fascination
And so did explore this vast ‘bomination

None them did stop her, they let her roam free
Wishing to see what her allegiance would be

My two greatest brothers, she went to them first
For their crime was the greatest – by far it was worst

For when we Kronos deposed there was a decision to make
What of his power we should each of us take

So when the three of us did all his rulings divide
We each took a realm in which to take pride

But rather than hold and honour our pact
They loyalty lack and joined the attack

To gain my position they were working together
Truly they wished for the land and the weather

Thus they agreed to take out the rest
And then split power how they felt best

But none in those two would place any trust
For all had seen that they for power did lust

Them figured out she continued to wander
Next was my wife ‘pon whom she did ponder

And despite what Thetis had thought to expect
Hera had rallied to greater effect

Many a god both noble and old
Were happy for her to supreme power hold

For they trusted her care and how’d she comport
Trusted her skills in matters of court

But she just couldn’t whip a crowd into fervor
No matter how many were willing to serve her

So thus while she seemed poised for success
In the end she’d fail, nevertheless

To my children next did she then look
The disparate paths each of them took

Ares my son, was all on his own
For none wished him to have rule of their home

So he ranted, he raged, he stalked all about
Indeed he could do nothing but pout

But it seemed in the end, it would still be my son
That Apollo would rule when all this was done

With no deed, no honour, no claim to his name
Many still followed, ever the same

For say he held over the youngest of kin
Hence why he was poised now to win

Despite their devotion they had desires their own
They only did care that their power’d be grown

For always we gods have one thing in mind
Simply ourselves, we share this in kind

So, my family, my friends, they were hardly at fault
For causing this chaos, this woeful tumult

But Janus now saw what they had done
So they and Athene were working as one

Those two alone were the ones who still cared
They searched for my son so we all would be spared

But stuck in this task they were from the start
Of Herakles’ truth, they knew only part

Of Alceides, the mortal, only I knew
Only I, in him, how Herakles grew

The state of it all, it her overwhelmed
Olympos, she saw, it had to be helmed

So to me Thetis came, though still bound in chain
Hoping that I could all this explain

“Zeus?” she asked “what’s going on
From man so long have all you been gone

“While the humans below will always believe
This clearly isn’t a simple reprieve

“All of this chaos, it only can bloom
It will, all of us, wholly consume”

“Alas,” I replied “they can not be swayed
They feel that I have all them betrayed

“They feel that I’ve done far too much ill
That always will I bend them to my will

“They think my warning is naught but a ploy
That Earth will not Olympos destroy”

Thetis stared, with such incredulity
“Do they” she asked, “think goodness your duty?

“We’re not mortals but gods, we have no restraints
We are not burdened by moral constraints

“Yes, it’s true, you been a great ass
Hurt many a person, harried many a lass

“But there’s one thing that all of them miss
Your rule had stopped us devolving to this”

With a sweep of her hand she gestured around
And noticed them then, for they’d not made a sound

For wishing to see who she would choose
All of them followed when she recused

And while they saw her argument’s worth
Apollo was filled with rebellious mirth

“Oh I see” he said, measured and slow
“You all are fine with this status quo?

“You willing accept all his abuse
Simply for some merit and use?

“And if you are worried for his timorous warning
I do not believe that trouble is storming

“In fact Herakles I do not think is real
He made him all up, to change how we’d feel”

But while he was speaking I was struck with a thought
And developed in mind a devious plot

For now that my kin had gathered by me
I went for a gamble – Truth would me free

I said “Apollo’s correct, he does not exist
So I see why you would in all this persist

“But that warning I gave, it wasn’t a lie
No matter how you do my actions decry

“Our saviour however, will come about
Of this I say there can not be a doubt

“But his spirit is hidden , it waits for release
Trapped in a human, whose soul is on lease

“So while Apollo, for now, is correct in his zeal
Herakles soon will be whole and be real

“But only I know how to this do
Thus without me our rule will be through”

They still seemed reluctant, still didn’t trust
To my defence Thetis did thrust

“You’ve chained him” she barked “you can do it once more
Let’s see if it’s true, of this I implore”

Apollo my son looked set to object
But Hera herself did then interject

“This story of his is known well to me
But I thought it a trick so his libido I’d free

“And I do have to say that Thetis is right
Together him we can defeat in a fight”

So Hera stepped forward and the chain did unlock
At all of this Apollo did balk

“I’ll make sure” I declared “that half human son
Is here and ready when the giants do come

“But first as we have a fair bit of time
I have to atone for many crime”

Dr. Zeus – Book I – Canto VIIII

Of how a Titan did fall
And his self righteous gall
Of how man did descend
Thus bringing his end
Of our predestined fight
Which well proved my might
Of his theft of our fire
That bastard, that liar
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
As him I know you’ll always support
You’ll never betray your friend and cohort
For he gave you your purpose, your men
Father, even, can’t compete then
So will I sing of how him I did chain
He who deserved that horror and pain

Ever So Sound Is Prometheus Bound

Once again then by one our ranks grew
But bastard Prometheus, he still wasn’t through

My choice with Cybele he decided to use
To clearly show all that I’d always abuse

For still did he glower at what I had done
How on that day I had still won

For for his deceit at that first sacrifice
I decided to man to not to be nice

Fire from them I elected to keep
‘Twas this action the titan did reap

He thought it was cruel, though it unfair
Thought it certain that I did not care

He could not see how I balance returned
Could not see ’twas for what I had yearned

They could not on their own butcher a beast
Eat up its flesh and claim holy feast

But still they could beg holy rites
And we could bless them with wondrous sites

So free were they to always eat meat
But only, if too, we were given our seat

But he wished to provide them with all that he could
To his creations – he wished to be good

So up on Olympos, up in the sky
He enacted his plan, devious, sly

As all of us gods went along on our way
By our great fire did Prometheus stay

For all gods’ honour it perpetually burned
From it, others, flames’ use had learned

So pretending to laze, there he did wait
He need be alone for his traitorous fate

A tube of fennel he finally then took
When none were around – none were to look

He captured the fire in that odious plant
For while I see most, that’s one place I can’t

So under my watch he defied me once more
And for any help he’d never implore

As he knew what later was going to come
He reveled and gloried in the work that he’d done

For fire was spreading throughout all of man
And all was right with his ultimate plan

So without a doubt his secret was out
Thus unabashed he did freely me flout

For of gold were those men now no more
And us gods they’d no longer adore

So to Earth I then did descend
To meet Prometheus who’d his actions defend

That bastard was there – waiting for me
Content that he had further man freed

He did not even speak – he’d prepared for the fight
Braced himself against my power and might

And though he was a Titan with strength most extreme
My true extent he just couldn’t gleme

‘Twas no sort of sport, no kind contest
To all who saw I was clearly the best

Soon Prometheus, the Titan, was still
Soon Prometheus would submit to my will

I grabbed the hair on the back of his head
And dragged him behind as a weight made of lead

In Kaukasos I then drove a spike
And fastened him there, tight as I like

But further pain I wished to deliver
Thus had a bird feast ‘pon his liver

For silver had he turned those men all of gold
And to this crime I must to him hold

Thus on the mount – there I him left
Of Hope thinking he was fully bereft

But this he used as still further proof
That I was unfit – that I was aloof

“Grandmother!” he cried loudly to Earth
“Do you see now how he doesn’t have worth?

“He’s chained me for helping them that I made
For giving assistance that he cruelly forbade

“And before with Cybele, you know what he’s done
They’d couldn’t be both, she could be only one

“But the first was the most grievous of all
What he did when the Titans did fall

“He punished them all, whatever they’d done
Even his mother who’d protected her son

“And as I know love’s true in your heart
This surely must tear you apart”

Then mountains upheaved and valleys did crack
For she had set me onto this track

For without help from both Earth and Sky
Along with my siblings I was destined to die

So one more did join in his plot
The greatest of allies that he could ever have got